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OMG the law is coming to get us -- the small print

The real world (it exists)

All stories here are works of fiction and we aren't trying to imply that these guys are really doing that. (Though if they are, more power to them!)

Sex & Violence yay!

Stories posted will range from ones suitable for general audiences to the abovementioned porny porn, and the fic index gives the relevant information. Please do not read stories for which you aren't of legal age or required maturity because we don't want to go to jail. There is no internet in jail.


We warn for graphic depictions of rape, dubious consent and child abuse. Information is linked from the header of every story in a way that allows people who don't like warnings (like us!) to skip them without picking up spoilers.

We do not give general warnings for any other type of content, but if you have specific concerns about one of our stories or questions about the warnings provided, you're welcome to contact us on a per-story basis at haikuesque at gmail dot com and we'll be happy to tell you more.