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9 Weeks

by Solo & Jo





"And this is where you'll sleep," Jin says as he opens the door and steps aside. Grand tour, the little office finale. He almost holds his breath.

Sara marches in, Akira following. He notices the shelf first, where Jin keeps all the family photos, the kids and his parents and Meisa, and Reio's family. The ones he used to hide from Kame.

"It's my room," Jin explains unnecessarily. "I'll sleep on the guest bed when you're here. The couch folds out." Kame was his usual prepared self and had spare sheets and two separate duvets, stocked up for guests when nobody but Kame has ever slept in this apartment.

Kame and Jin. And now the kids. That's much better already.

"You write music here?" Akira asks, noticing the guitar next to the desk.

"Yes, when I'm not at the agency." The desk has a new computer, real composing software, fantastic speakers.

"Who's the pirate guy?" Sara wants to know.

"He's in a movie I like," Jin says. The wall above the couch has a Pirates of the Carribbean and an ancient Heroes poster that Jin found at the back of his wardrobe. They're not even that important, but he hung them up for the principle of the thing, until there's something better. Everything Jin kept from the apartment is here, and it's still pretty bare. The floor is dark hardwood, the window wide with a fantastic view. Jin moved out all the breakables.

"I haven't put a lot of stuff in here yet," he says. "I wanted to know what you think, too, cause you'll be here on the weekends. I was thinking of getting a rug, but I didn't know which color."

"It's a cool room," Akira says. "It's great."

"I like purple," Sara announces.

Yeah, the flaw in the plan will probably be a shaggy rug in bright purple. Jin expects Akira to groan, but his son just looks at him with a very serious face. "I can put our bags in here," he says.

"Sure," Jin says, "thanks."

Sara bounces her butt on the couch and cranes her head back to get another look at Johnny Depp. Akira drags in the gym bag and old carry-all that hold their overnight things. He sets them very neatly in the corner, and then stands gingerly next to the couch as though waiting for Jin to offer him a seat.

"You know, there aren't any toys here," Sara complains. Jin just catches the little scuffle when Akira bumps into his sister and Sara glares at him.

"We can bring them," Akira says to Jin, then looks at her. "There's space in dad's shelf, look. We can bring stuff. And we can play games without toys, too. Right, dad?" His cheeks are red spots, and he looks like he can't decide who needs more urgent observation, his dad or his sister.

"Of course you can bring stuff," Jin says. "You have to! You're going to stay here lots of times, you totally need stuff for playing here. And I'll make you an account on the computer, so you can use that too."

"I want an account," Sara says, and Jin promises Sara will get her own account, but he's really watching Akira.

Lots of times seems to have registered. Akira ducks his head and no longer seems manic. With nobody to see but his baby girl, Jin gives him a quick hug.

God, he's missed them. Whole days with them.

"Let's go see about the ice cream, okay?" he says before he gets too embarrassing even for Sara.

"It smells funny here," Sara says as they move back into the open space of the apartment, her nose scrunching up. Akira gives a shocked little hiss.

"That'll go away," Jin tells her in a lowered voice. "Someone used to smoke in here."

Kame is behind the kitchen bar, laying out little plates on a tray. Still. He must have rearranged them three times.

"Tour finished?" he asks with a smile. It's not a relaxed smile, and not a shark smile. He came home an hour early from work and bought Italian ice cream for a welcome snack.

"You have a very big apartment, sir," Akira says. "It looks amazing."

"I like the bathroom best," Sara trumpets. The bathroom has a giant tub with jets, and Sara pretty much called dibs on it for tonight.

"I have strawberry bath bubbles for the tub, if you want to try those," Kame says to her. "You get really a lot with the jets."

The thought of Kame sitting alone in his bathtub in mountains of strawberry bubbles almost makes Jin laugh.

"Do you have kiwi?" Sara says. "I like kiwi."

Jin sees Akira biting his lip.

"I don't have kiwi," Kame admits. He looks sorry. But then he rallies. "I'll see if I can buy some for next time, though."

"Strawberry's okay too," Sara says generously. "It's nice my dad can live here now."

"I think it's nice too," Kame says. It's kind of funny and kind of stressful to see him think so fast. "It's good to have company."

"His apartment before was very small and full of music equipment," Sara goes on. "So we couldn't visit."

"Ice cream," Jin says, shooing them all. "It's melting." Or maybe that's just Jin feeling sweaty.

They sit around the top of Kame's huge-ass dining table, and it's so strange and new and... different. Jin takes the first spoon and realizes he has absolutely no appetite. Kame is trying half a spoonful of a chocolate type thing and they look at each other, and Jin doesn't know if Kame's vigilance makes him more nervous or less.

Sara has no appetite problem. She picked Suede Cherry and Italian Praline – this is what happens when you let Kame buy your ice cream, Jin figures – and is making good progress.

"My dad got me a duck for my birthday," she says. "It was all made of ice cream, it was huge."

Kame flushes red like a stop sign.

"It had over fifteen flavors, and eggs."

"Wow," Kame manages. He sounds a bit strangled. "That's amazing."

"Yumi ate two whole eggs and was sick on the way home," Sara says, with an unholy gleam in her eye.

"Don't talk about people being sick while other people are eating," Akira admonishes her, but she waves him off with her spoon.

"You're just annoyed because there was no melon flavor left for Park-kun."

Jin's not sure what that has to do with anything, but it doesn't matter because his son has completely frozen and is staring at the floor. Sara's spoon had been full of Italian Praline, which is now a big fat blob on the carpet.

"Whoops," Jin says.

"Don't worry about it," Kame says, and gets a washcloth from the kitchen.

Sara makes a contrite face, swearing she didn't mean it. The blob hit her knee on the way down and left a trail on her too.

Kame's already back, mopping up chocolate goo. "It washes off, see?" That's the first real smile on him today. "I knew someone once who dropped stuff on the floor. Though he didn't admit it."

"That wasn't ice cream," Jin says, cleaning the kid while Kame is cleaning the floor. "And it wasn't me." He notices that his son is sitting there like he's about to burst into tears, so he lets Sara help Kame carry the dishes away, and takes him aside.

"You know, you don't need to be so nervous," he says. A bit rich coming from him, but the point stands.

Akira is looking up at him half stubborn, half scared, his mouth pressed tight together.

"It was just a bit of ice cream," Jin says gently.

"But he's your boss," Akira blurts out. "And this is his apartment. We should make a good impression, not—" He gestures at the wet patch on the floor, and his eyes are wet too.

Oh, damn. Jin drops to his knees, and this time Akira hugs him back hard.

"I just don't want him to say we can't come visit you again," Akira says very quietly.

"He would never say that," Jin says, and then he just holds on for a bit, until Akira seems less rigid.

"Kame's my friend," he says, "we've been friends for longer than you've been alive. So yeah, he's my boss, but we're more like roommates. Would you kick Park-kun out for spilling some ice cream on your floor?"

"No," Akira concedes grudgingly.

"And I spill stuff all the time, I'll probably make a bigger mess here than your sister. He'll just have to live with that."

Akira rolls his eyes like that's a stupid argument, but at least he's blinked the tears away.

"He was almost more nervous about meeting you," Jin says, wondering for a flash if that's a breach of some confidence, but, well, it's the truth.

Akira frowns. "Why?"

"Because he wants to be friends with you, too. He wants you to like being here."

He watches his son mull that over. Slowly, carefully. "Okay," Akira says in the end. He still doesn't sound entirely convinced, but at least like he might be seeing where Jin's coming from. "He seems nice enough," he concedes. "And it's a pretty cool apartment."

Jin can't help grinning. "I'm very pleased to hear that." He takes Akira's hand, and Akira doesn't even pull it back. "Shall we go see what Sara has done to him while we were gone?"


Amazingly, Sara has done nothing outrageous to Jin's new boss at all. She is sitting on the kitchen counter, legs dangling, and listening spellbound while Kame says, "And then your dad left the hose lying around and when we came back, all the plants—"

"Hey!" Jin shouts. "That's unfair!"

"—were drowned," Kame finishes. "Oh, hi."

"Kame is telling me about the roof garden, dad." Sara waves at him. "When you were little. It was like me and mom's cactus."

Jin raises his eyebrows at Kame. "Kame, huh?"

Kame's eyes crinkle at him. "We reached an agreement. I'm allowed to call her Sara-chan instead of young Miss Akanishi."

"I like turtles!" Sara announces. Or maybe she's saying she likes Kame.

"If we're going to be friends, that's just more practical," Kame says, and he smiles at Akira. "What do you think? Would that work for you too?"

Akira gives that some quick, smart thinking. "Yeah," he says, leaning a little towards Jin. "Okay." Then he grins and bites his lip.

Jin wonders how long Akira is going to not use Kame's name at all, but then Akira proves him an idiot, because of course Akira's brave.

"Kame," he says, sounding like he's holding his breath. "My dad says you have a 4D TV. Could you show it to us maybe sometime? When you have time."

Kame nods; it takes all of their years with each other for Jin to see the relief. "I have time right now," he says, but looks at Jin. "Should we?"

"Let's," Jin decides.


"You don't want to watch anything that smells too bad," Kame warns, scrolling through the list of movies for under 10s.

Sara giggles. "Like with dog poop."

"Ew," Akira says, but sounds intrigued nontheless.

"Yes. But adventure movies are good."

The 4D TV is an elaborate contraption that adds smoke, certain smells and vibrations in the couch to the TV experience. It's weird to see all that and wonder why Kame ever bothered; Jin just can't see him sitting down to ever watch a whole movie and smell rainforests and fly on spaceships.

He wonders if even Kame didn't always plan to be alone, or if he went for state of the art just because.

They stream Rin and the Ninja Camels, just out a day ago. Jin, Sara and Akira get the couch, and at the first shake Sara squeaks and dumps herself on Jin's lap.

The movie is dumb and brilliant, with a camel ride through the desert that makes even Jin laugh. The kids love it. Then there is strange fog and wet smells in an underground cave, but it doesn't get too creepy; a benefit of watching movies suitable for his daughter.

Kame in the motionless armchair sends the occasional glance towards them, like he's not sure how one relaxes with a movie anymore. Once, he goes to the toilet, and Jin suspects he needs to check some work e-mails too, but then he comes back and patiently sits through the big desert fight and a victory feast whose smells make Jin hungry.

"That was cool," Akira grins when the credits roll. He gives Kame a more respectful smile. "Thank you for letting us try it. Your TV is really cool."

Kame nods, though he looks surprised. "It's no problem," he says. "I hadn't really tried it properly myself, so..."

Akira makes big eyes. "You haven't?"

"I want to be a ninja too," Sara declares.

"I've been very busy recently," Kame says, and Jin hopes he's the only one who can see the faint shadow passing through his eyes. "And I haven't had it long."

"Oh," says Akira, "I understand," like it makes total sense to buy a top-of-the-line TV you're too busy to ever watch.

"Can I learn to be a ninja, dad?"

"I don't know, Princess," Jin says. "I'm not sure we can find a camel to teach you."

"You have to be quiet to be a ninja," Akira grins. "Stealthy."

"I can be stealthy." She hops off the couch and stealth-marches once around it in a way that reminds Jin of a ballet-dancing giraffe. Akira starts laughing and Sara sulks for half a minute, until Akira gets in on it and they stalk each other once around the living room. Jin hopes nobody makes him be camel-sensei.

Kame watches the whole thing with a zoo-like fascination. "Would it be time for dinner?" he asks Jin after a while, quietly. "I don't know when they would..."

Jin checks. Akira nods reluctantly. "Yes," Jin says.

Mid-stealth, Sara stops dead. "I still want my bath," she says. "I want to try the jets and the bubbles."

"Well, how about you do that now and in about half an hour we'll have dinner?"

"I want a bath with you," Sara says, pushing her lip out.

Jin gives Kame and Akira an uncertain glance. Kame and Akira look at each other. From the outside they are probably hilarious. "I don't know, Princess, we have to get dinner." And not leave Akira and Kame stranded and taking turns terrifying each other.

"But I want!" Sara says.

"I could..." Kame offers, but becomes uncertain.

"Yeah, you go, it's cool," Akira says, and turns to Kame. "Do you think I could watch more on your TV?"

"Of course," Kame says. "Just tell me what we want. I thought we'd order something nice. I know a service that does great sushi or a pizza place with a big selection."

"Pizza," Akira says. "Definitely."

"Pizza," Sara says, dragging at Jin's hand.

Jin half shrugs, half grins. "What did you expect," he says, and then he leaves Akira and Kame in the living room to see to food and camels while he has a bath with his daughter. And bubbles and jets.


Jin's missed this so much. Through the crack in the door he can just hear the TV, Akira out there, Sara in the tub with him, wriggling around to get tickled by the jet streams while the bubbles grow.

He could watch her forever, splashing her feet and building crowns of foam on her head.

Kame's getting them dinner, dealing with work. Jin sinks into the water to his neck, bubbles crackling by his ears. They don't have perfection, but he never thought he'd get this close again.

When they reappear, Akira is bouncing along to a jeep ride among lions and ignoring everything. Kame glances across at them, and Jin sees the heat in his eyes when he takes in Jin in sweatpants and with the tips of his hair damp; sees how it fades when he looks at Sara in her purple ballerina pyjamas next to him. But Kame is smiling, looking relaxed at last.

"Akira set the table," he says. "Pizzas should be here any minute." They're at the big table again, with fine china and huge silver cutlery. Sara's pyjamas are just right for brightening up the place.


Jin sneaks out when Akira is well and truly under, curled up on his side with a hand on his face. Sara won the who-sleeps-first game and is spread out over half the bed, the sweet-smelling flopsy-bunny still dangling from her arm.

The apartment is quiet, all the white a dark grey, no lights on. The red stand-by signs from stereo and television are like squinty eyes at the far wall.

Kame's on the balcony. Jin slides the door shut behind him, stepping into the warm night. "Calm after the storm?" he says.

Kame exhales smoke and taps off his cigarette. "I guess," he says. "Is everything okay? You were in there a long time."

"Yes, they're fine. Great, actually." He just missed watching them fall asleep. "Just, first night in a new place. And it's been a while since I could… you know."

Kame nods. "Yeah."

Jin leans on the railing, looks out into the mature trees opposite. Wonders if there are bats there.

"Thank you," he says. "You were great."

Kame gives a dismissive handwave. "They're nice kids."

"I think they like you," Jin says.

Kame slowly exhales more smoke than Jin thought anybody's lungs could hold.

"That's good," he says, nodding to himself. "Very good."

"I'm afraid Sara can be a bit of a pest," Jin says, mostly to give Kame a prompt, a clue that talking freely is allowed here.

More nodding from Kame, and then a wicked sideways smile. "She reminds me of someone I used to know. An enchanting and entitled little baka princess."

It takes Jin a moment. "Prince," he protests. "If you need further proof of my—" He breaks off, because, wait. "Enchanting?"

"She's sweet," Kame says. "She makes it easy."

"No, I mean, me?"

Kame taps off some ash, very measured. "I liked you even when you were a brat."

"I'll show you brat," Jin says huffily.

"I don't doubt it." Kame puffs on his cigarette again, while Jin tries to think of something bratty to do to him right now.

"But Akira is like you, too," Kame says. "Differently." He gives Jin a look, brief, but heavy with time, the days on minibuses and nights in hotels they spent talking.

"He's smarter than me, though," Jin says, blinking out at the trees.

"Well, that's not aiming very high."

Jin elbows him.

Kame lights a second cigarette, but it's relaxed, not desperate. Jin doesn't comment. Kame lets the breeze be the only sound for a moment, and then says very carefully, "He won't believe the roommate version forever. Or even very long. He'll figure it out."

"Yeah," Jin says. He hadn't thought about it yet, but Kame's right. He throws Kame a cautious look, but his smoking profile isn't giving anything away. "Is that... terrible?" he tries.

Kame shoots him an odd glance. "There's been speculation about me for decades. I don't see Akira selling the story to top up his pocket money. But you're... new to this." Straight, Jin thinks he means. "And he's your son."

"I can handle my son knowing about my private life," Jin says. Now that it no longer involves unemployment and the threat of eviction... Some people might wonder about his priorities, but Jin's quite fine with them. "I'm not worried about it."

Kame mulls that over, but in the end he nods quietly and that's settled.

"How were things at the office this morning?"

"Fine," Kame says.

"Anything new?" Jin prods. "I thought you were interviewing for the new Arashi manager." They've come around to not actively calling for Kame's head, Jin heard, but both Kame and the guys figure it's healthier to have an administrative buffer for now.

"Yes. It went quite well," Kame says in that same smooth voice.

Jin raises his eyebrows and stares, not that Kame will get the full benefit in this light.

Eventually Kame notices the silence. He blinks at Jin. "Sorry. I..." He shrugs. "I think I've narrowed it down to three I could live with, though we're still vetting one who used to work for the Koreans." He taps another cigarette from the pack and gives Jin a small smile. "Sorry."

"Are Arashi okay with those three too?"

"Yes. We made the list together. Well, in a back and forth through Koki, really. Figured that was best."

Jin nods and leans against the balustrade. Sounds like it's going as well as it could.

Kame eyes him again. "I'm still getting used to just telling someone... things. Without worrying about it."

"I know, it's hard to turn from Lex Luthor back into Superman," Jin says. He catches the flash of Kame wanting to tackle him. "But you'll get better at it with practice." He hooks his fingers into the waistband of Kame's pants. "You always do."

"And you're mixing something up," Kame says tightly. "Superman turns into Clark Kent, Luthor just gets more evil."

"Whatever," Jin says. "Stop quibbling and don't be that guy."

Kame lets the pull on his waist go where Jin wants, ends up pressing against him.

"You'll have to relearn a lot of things," Jin says, and holds Kame's eyes, surprise and all. "That normal people do." Touch, when you want it. A hug, when you're happy.

Kame looks almost intimidated. But he's Kame, and so never intimidated for long, and next his hand is on Jin's neck and he's kissing Jin as if Jin's been waiting for it all day.

When he stops, he leaves Jin with his eyes closed and his pulse beating faster. "Sorry, I... your kids."

"Don't apologize," Jin says, sweaty where Kame's hands hold him; control settling over Kame like his very own flying cape and Jin finds even that... appealing. But, yeah. He would just die if Sara woke up and wanted an orange juice. "Can't have everything," he sighs.

Kame's breath goes out in a shudder and he kisses Jin clumsily behind the ear. Then he lets him go. "But a lot," he mumbles, then pockets the lighter and turns for the door.



Jin is up at seven by force of the alarm. Kame blinks at him in a puzzled sort of way.

"Sara," Jin says. "She wakes up around now."

It's only one coffee later that Sara comes traipsing out of the guest room, dragging the bunny by the neck.

"Daaaaad," she whines, and Jin pulls her on his lap, where she proceeds to wake up with her eyes closed.

They have breakfast together. Kame makes eggs for them and Jin watches, and it's only when Akira gives him a look that he notices the silly smile he's wearing.

But that's the only incident.

Breakfast, a bath for Akira because he was secretly into the jets too, and Jin and the kids playing Jenga until it's close to lunch time, the time he promised Meisa they'd be back.

It feels far too early. But Jin keeps agreements, and he knows this was just the first time. They can come Fridays and stay through to Monday, they can come whenever. It all worked.

"Bye, Kame," Akira says shyly, and Kame's reply is just a little shy, too

"BYE!" Sara waves. "See you next weekend. Remember about the kiwi, okay?"


When Jin comes back Kame is on the phone, waving quietly, his hair sticking up. Jin wonders about that, until Kame rolls his eyes at the air and runs five fingers over his head, saying, "No! If the offer gets out, we're looking at a week of his agency whining at us and trying to outbid us."

Jin leaves him to it and straightens the place out a bit. Kame's made the bed in the kids' room but hasn't folded it away, so Jin does that, and puts the sheets in the laundry.

In the living room, there is foam covering the remnants of the chocolate stain, Kame on the case. The couch is already in order, and the rest...

In Kame's white gleaming shelf sits a pink book on puppies. Jin takes it out and shakes his head.

He hears a breath behind him. Kame coming over, phone call must be finished. "Sara-chan forgot that," he says.

Jin tries to look stricken. "It ruins your color scheme."

Kame blinks at him. Then his mouth twitches. "Do you think she'd notice if I swapped it for a book on cows?" he asks as he takes it off Jin and flips it over for the back text.

"Not all cows are black and white," Jin laughs.

"Zebras, then," Kame says, and puts the book back, Tani the title puppy looking out over the living room. After a pause, he asks. "How was Meisa?"

Did she have a belated fit over her children meeting her ex-husband's gay lover, is what Kame means. "She was fine," Jin says. They had their awkward conversation a few days ago, after his little family birthday party. "I think she's holding back a bit, doesn't want to intrude."

"Good," Kame says, and Jin knows by now he's trying not to look relieved.

"Well, she still knew you when you were nice," he says, and Kame flushes a bit, but now there's a smile tugging at his mouth. He's in suit pants and a shirt, as always, but they're less sharp, Kame Sunday casual. He's put no make-up on, and his hair is still a mess from the exasperating phone call. He's hot without trying.

It comes over Jin with a wave of fatigue and a craving for warmth, rumpled Kame or at least their soft rumpled bed. Seven o'clock starts haven't been his thing since Meisa kicked him out, and with the box job, that was bedtime.

"I could do with a nap," he says.

"So take one," Kame says easily. "It's Sunday."

Yeah. "Take one with me?" Jin says, and tries to let his eyes convey that he wouldn't expect Kame to sleep, exactly.

"I'm still expecting a call," Kame says with a smile. "Time zones, has to be today." Guy's not the boss for nothing.

The bed is made and not all that rumpled, but just as comfortable and soothing as he'd hoped. He strips to his t-shirt and curls up under satin that warms quickly.

He's left the door open. Now and then he can hear Kame's voice; the balcony door opening and closing; Kame's chair moving in his office.


There's a touch on his hair, light and fleeting. His shoulder. It's disorienting and then he's awake, and he smiles.


Kame is sitting on the side of the bed. Jin curls in again and pushes his hair out of his face.

"It's half past four," Kame says softly. "We go in tomorrow at eight. I thought I shouldn't let you sleep till evening."

"Thanks," Jin mumbles.

Kame stays sitting, as if watching Jin wake up is somehow entertaining. It's a lovely warmth, slowly chasing sleep away.

"You done with work?"


"Want to come in?" Jin lifts the cover a little, stretches a little more.

Kame smiles at him. He opens his palm and holds up a bright green sock, Princess-size. "I found this in the bathroom."

Jin smiles back. "First puppies, then socks..."

"Well, I have a lot of space," Kame says, eyes crinkling at the corners. "I'm excited to think what I'll find next."

He puts the sock carefully on the bedside cabinet, and starts to get up. Jin quickly takes his hand.

"So," he says. "How about it, want to claim a reward after working through your Sunday?"

Kame stills and gives his hand a squeeze. "I was just about to make coffee."

"Coffee's good," Jin says, but... wait. Coffee, not really that urgent. Is he not being clear enough?

But Kame has already freed his hand and is slipping out the door, away. Jin stares after him, and at the bed, where he invited Kame twice now. At the bright green sock on the bedside table. That's when it clicks.

He grabs the sock and catches up with Kame in front of the gleaming Italian coffee station, the one piece of extravagant machinery in here Kame seems on intimate terms with.

"Hey," Jin says, slamming the sock on the counter. "What is this?"

"Espresso?" Kame blinks, stopping with the bag in hand. But he licks his lips, he knows Jin knows. "But I can make yours a latte if you want."

"Just because you've met my kids, you think now you can't fuck me anymore?"

That little freeze is pretty much his answer. But then Kame gets his cautious face on, and Jin wants to steal that damn coffee prop away from him. "I didn't say that," Kame says. "I'm just making coffee. And I thought you might..."

Jin waits him out. He can't tell the guy how dumb he is until he knows just how dumb he is.

"I thought it might feel strange, after this kind of weekend," Kame says blandly. "You have a family and..."


"And parents aren't allowed sex?" Jin says, crossing his arms.

Kame gives a tiny shrug, and Jin can tell he actually has to make up his mind to answer, not just shut Jin down. "I just thought it might feel wrong."

"For whom, exactly?"

Okay, he doesn't recall Kame looking so... helpless. "It's just, what we do. Is that really how…"

Yes. That's really, truly how. Jin didn't move in here for the excellent coffee.

"Look, fact of life," he says. "I've got kids. Other fact of life, I like the sex with you. What we do. That's got nothing to do with my kids except in your stupid head right now. And since you decided to be stuck with me, I expect you to get over that soon, because I've got a lot of fucking to catch up on."

Kame thinks about that. It looks like hard work. His smile is still nervous, and hidden, but it's the kind that bodes well. "You're being pretty pushy," he says.

Oh, Kame's hasn't seen pushy. Jin steps forward and Kame lets him take the coffee bag, backs up as Jin moves in. "Well, there's your problem," Jin says, and they're not exactly smooth, walking into the counter, rattling the coffee station, and a spoon clatters to the floor. "I've gotten way out of hand. Why don't you do something about that?" But at least Kame lets him; lets him get real close. He puts his mouth behind Kame's ear and feels the first shiver, stillness pulling Kame tight. "And give it to me good."

Kame hisses in air. The stillness fades, his hands come around Jin, settling on his ass. "Don't bite off more than you can chew, Akanishi."

Better. "But I already have," Jin says, licking that bit of skin, tugging at Kame's earlobe. "I've been really, really bad."

Kame's hands pull; squeeze. Jin feels his interest at hip-level between them and his head's getting light. He's never talked like this, to anyone, but he's almost high. Kame's finally getting with the program.

"Guess I've been careless," Kame says. "Let things slide." There's menace and a smile at the same time, like fire up Jin's spine. "Guess I should correct that."

"Told you it'll be worth your while to have me here." He grinds against Kame, as much as Kame lets him. "All that access to my ass."

Kame splays his hands wide on that ass, hot through the thin boxer fabric, spreading him. Jin's breath hitches just from that.

Kame's fingers touch skin and it burns. Then his hands pull back, to Jin's hips, turn him, nothing coy or shy about him now. "You know where the bedroom is."

Jin falls back against Kame's erection, lets himself be real heavy. "I'm not sure I've been paying proper attention," he says. This is fun. "Left without instruction..." He gasps when Kame cups his dick through the boxers, pressing hard. "...too long."

"I see," Kame says, and it sounds breathless and full of realization, ideas. "I'll have to help you with that." He takes Jin's hand and twists it up between them, up; slowly along Jin's arching back.

"Say stop," he whispers, and Jin doesn't, not for a bit, not until it hurts and then he bites his lip and hears Kame's breathing.

"Stop," he says, the ache shivering even. It's uncomfortable and turns him the fuck on.

"Move," Kame says.

This time, he behaves. His shoulder burns, tear and tug as Kame pushes him forward. His dick makes his boxers stick out, Kame's strength behind him turning him weak and silly and he doesn't care.

Kame gives him a shove at the end, landing him half on, half off the bed. He makes no move to get up, just turns to see Kame, tall in outline, in a way that's got nothing to do with centimeter count.

Kame's eyes scan him up and down. There's color in Kame's face and a hard-on in his pants, and a look like he's about to unwrap a birthday present. He raises his arms to undo the cuffs on his shirt, and pauses. Beautiful and hard like that art of his. Jin almost touches himself.

"What?" he asks hoarsely.

Kame finishes with the cuffs, watching Jin all the time; all the time. "You want to suck my cock for a change?"

Does he? His own cock pulses, his mouth dry, nervous. That's how they started. He liked it even then.

But now he doesn't need emptiness, to forget his life. He's got everything now.

"Yeah, let me do it," he says. "I shouldn't get out of practice."

Kame's feet prod him, Kame's hand pulling his chin up, his back against the bed. Jin licks his lips, and Kame's eyes flare, before he undoes his pants. "Okay then, show me if you've learned anything," Kame says, which would be mean, except it makes Jin's ears rush more.

And Kame's dick is right in front of him, and then it's in his mouth, that alien taste and the heat of a hundred kisses, soft and hard and smooth, and it all makes his head spin.

"Oh god Jin," Kame whispers, hips starting on a shallow groove after the customary introduction, "I've jerked off just thinking about your mouth."

Jin closes his eyes, his breath short and his heart pumping. He's got it in his head now, got it all over him, Kame coming from doing what he wants with Jin in his mind.


"Don't worry," Kame says. "I'll still fuck you." He slows Jin down, everything tingling, Kame watching. Yeah, he'd better.

Jin sucks hard, pulls back, remembers instructions from long ago. He tries to lick the head without his mouth slipping off, and everything's buzzing with how he wants to please and how somehow, somewhere, he finds that hot.

"Not bad," Kame comments, haughty bastard. It prickles on Jin's neck. "But not quite good either."

So he tries to be better. Tries harder with his tongue, runs it all around, sloppily. Kame keeps the loose rhythm and lets him try, try again, his cock growing thicker in Jin's mouth.

"You're eager," Kame breathes, approving. God, yes. Kame's hand goes tight in his hair, and he slows down, all the way down until they're still. Jin breathes, spit pooling in his mouth, and Kame right in front of him, inside him. "How much can you take?"

Even if Jin could answer, he doesn't know. He pulls forward, against Kame's hand, around Kame's cock, and Kame gets it, the grip changing, guiding. Slow; deep enough to make Jin sweat all over, and he holds and breathes, Kame holds him, Kame is shaking. "Good little cocksucker," he says, and Jin tries, think around it and breathe around it and focus on Kame's hand, but it's hot and tight at the back of his throat and then he can't.

He gags and pulls back, and Kame lets go at once. Jin's chest is heaving, his mouth numb. There's a little smile on Kame's face.

"We can keep working on that."

Before Jin can think of a reply, Kame pulls him up, up all the way and into a deep rough kiss. Jin's first thought is panic, he was still breathing wrong, but then he goes with it and it gets easy, and great, just great, Kame's arms holding him and Kame's tongue exploring him, and he doesn't even feel like trying to take over.

Then Kame releases his mouth, licking and sucking up the side of Jin's neck, little nips and bites that make Jin shudder. "You did well," Kame whispers when his tongue snakes around Jin's earlobe. "I'll fuck you now."

Jin whimpers, holds his breath. If Kame keeps this up, he's just going to come.

Kame doesn't. He lets him go, pushes him back, Jin's knees buckling against the edge of the bed. He lands on it with a bounce, a thud of arousal.

Kame's hands are on his buttons, his cock naked and dark, the suit pants and the shirt, and Jin's throat is dry and... "Keep it on," he finds himself saying. "Keep your clothes on."

Kame stills for a moment, a sudden blink. Then he lets his arms sink. His smile flickers up again. "You kinky little slut."

Jin swallows dry, yes he is, and he wants to laugh and he wants Kame to say it again.

"Get your pants off then," Kame says. "The t-shirt too."

Jin squirms out of the boxers, yanks the t-shirt off. Kame watches his lack of grace and it's just more of a turn-on.

Then he's done, waiting again. Kame never takes his eyes off him. Not when he moves around the bed, not when he snatches the lube in the bedside drawer. He tosses it in his hand like they used to flip those mics. Makes Jin watch.

He holds Jin's eyes while he flicks it open, dribbles some on his palm. It's Jin who blinks away, down, when Kame's hand falls to his cock, makes a fist around it... push and pull, in and out, and it could be Jin around him and Jin's almost trembling with want.

He finds Kame smiling like he knows. "Turn over," he says. "Get ready."

Jin is quick, Kame's last words still echoing when he's on his knees, shoulders on the mattress and his ass in the air, and please.

Kame hasn't even moved yet.

But now he does. The bed dips and Jin breathes out, Kame's thighs pushing against his before anything else, the suit...

"Pretty," Kame says, hands trailing up Jin's thighs, down his ass; fingers dipping between. "I don't even know what I want to do with you first," and… oh god there. It's playful, not Kame's cock, and cool, two fingers or three, just playing right there.

Jin shivers, strains to spread wider, come on.

"Don't move," Kame says. "You don't want to spoil the good impression you're making."

His fingers drive in fast and Jin jerks, can't help pushing back against it, blunt and burning and deep and Kame leans in, his cock smearing more lube against Jin's ass.

"You're being bad again," he rasps.

"Punish me," Jin suggests, and it doesn't even feel stupid.

There's a snort, but another deep thrust, too, Kame patting his ass. "Maybe I'll be nice and help you be good."


Kame twists his fingers out and then he taps on Jin's back. "Your hands, here."

Oh. Jin shifts, squirms his arms back, all his weight on his shoulders now. Kame takes his wrists in one hand, and there's a slip of something, a menacing clink, and Kame's belt wrapping around them, tight.

Kame slaps his ass. "Better."

He puts his fingers inside Jin again, and Jin whimpers, he just wants to melt around them. It's weird, how having your hands tied fast makes it even hotter.

"You're so ready for me," Kame says.

"I'm still your whore?"

"You're the whoriest whore that ever whored," Kame says, and it sounds almost like a blessing. "But only for me."

His hands spread Jin wide, and there's his cock, and Jin gives around him, feels him slide in all the way, and then he's full. At last. He feels like his hair is standing up all over his body.

"My personal whore," Kame says. "And I'm going to fuck you so hard."

God yes.

"And you'll do only what I want." Kame reaches for his hands and pulls, just enough to be tight, not enough to be painful. "Hold still. Be good."

He's good, he's perfect. Holding still, just for Kame, he's all for Kame; still and tense, he's trying, and the tension makes him tighter, makes Kame feel rougher, and nothing takes his mind off the push and slide, it's all he gets, all he is.

"Good whore," Kame says gently, and Jin moans and doesn't want to move and...

Kame slows, the strain easing. Jin shudders all over when Kame reaches around for his cock. "Sorry," he says, freezing, "sorry."

"No, that's your reward," Kame says silkily, gives him a squeeze. "I want to feel you come when I'm deep inside you."

That won't be difficult, Jin thinks. Not anymore.

"Go for it," Kame whispers, and Jin jerks, thrusts into Kame's hand, and onto his cock, and again, and Kame keeps him close and right and it goes so, so fast.

He comes in Kame's tight grip, his eyes screwed shut and his ass spread for Kame, and his head is full and empty and pulsing with more more more. God, this is amazing.

"I love how much you love it," Kame says, full of focus. Then he grips Jin's hips, and takes him again; takes him for a short hard ride, selfish and driven and it's so perfect Jin wants to cry.

The end's an incoherent gasp, a final slam, sweat and suit and skin as Kame jerks against him.

Then they're just breathing, ragged, Kame holding Jin to steady himself. He's coming down, everywhere, and when he finally slips out of Jin he's still holding him. Breathing.

"Well done," he says at last, but it sounds hoarse and not at all bossy.

Jin hmms happily and does nothing else. He's not sure he'll ever be able to do anything else again.

The bed sags when Kame falls down beside him, flat on his back. Jin rolls heavily on his side. Once the tension is off his arms it's easy to wiggle his hands out of the belt, too.

"You were right," Kame says, spreading his hand lazily on Jin's naked hip. The sticky warmth is like an aftershock. "Having your ass on call will improve my life."

Jin curls in a bit. He's always liked being right.

Kame is facing the ceiling with his eyes closed. Jin almost laughs because he's such a mess, hair stuck sweatily to his face, the formerly hot overlord suit just a pile of wrinkles with random lube stains, and in the middle of it his sleepy dick.

"Hey there, boss guy, sir," Jin says. "You can take your clothes off now."

Kame squints at him as if he's an unruly underling, but then he lifts his hips and pushes the pants down, and off. The shirt is more work. Jin kind of enjoys watching Kame move this zonked out.

He slides his hand on Kame's stomach, still hot, the sweat still coming. It's all very encouraging, Jin thinks. Nobody fucks a guy like that and still considers him too pure for fun. "You're pretty good for someone without practice, too," he says, and giggles when Kame tries to glare at him. "Imagine what you can do if you try a bit harder." He tickles Kame's skin.

Kame snorts, trying to hide his own smile. But he doesn't hide from Jin's touch. Jin lets his eyes close over the view of his messy hair, his curving mouth.

They drift like that. Jin would go to sleep if he hadn't had a nap. It's surprisingly long before Kame's stomach goes tense with thinking, planning, but when it happens, Jin can feel it under his hand. "I should..."

He gives Kame just a hint of pressure. "It's five on a Sunday," he says. A July Sunday with soft sun through the blinds and the aircon quietly whispering. "You should nothing."

Deep down, he's surprised when Kame gives in. This kind of cooperative management style will do him good. More sleep, more sex, less stress.

Pink puppy books and movie nights.

Kame looks at him, and it's right there too. All of it. He holds Jin's eyes past comfortable, past polite, another burn that makes him shiver.

How long's it been that this started, that this happened? Just weeks? It feels longer. It feels lasting, right at the core of him.

"So this is how we live?" Kame asks.

"Yes," Jin says. He thinks that sums it up nicely.




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