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Week 9



"Thank you all for coming."

The lights flash. Kame gives them a moment, lets them get a good look. He's clear-eyed, clean-shaven, respecting the mournful occasion with quiet dignity. But all eyes are on him, and he stands there like they're meant to be, they couldn't possibly be on anything else.

"This has been a difficult time for all of us. This tragic loss took all of us by surprise, and we will feel it keenly in the months to come as we move forward." He's not nervous, not even for a second. The cameras must catch it, love it, confidence just oozing from the screens. A comfort, to anyone who actually cares.

"We will never understand the full circumstances behind Julie Fujishima's tragic decision," he says, holding on to the edges of the podium. It's sombre, with a hint of bravely contained grief. "But we know she had great plans for the company and for all of us. She saw that we haven't lived up to our potential, musically and artistically, and that selling a record is not the same as believing in a record."

Probably as close as Kame's going to come to saying their musical output's been shit, and has come third to infighting and scandalmongering for years. Oh, and to the Koreans. Jin's biting his lip; catches himself and stops. No nervousness. Kame's up there, demanding as much.

"She would want us all to do better," Kame says, hanging his head with a touch of shame. "Julie thought of Johnny & Associates as a family. And we found out in the last few days that it was her dearest wish to welcome back one of our own. To repair a bond in our family that should never have been broken."

He's shameless. Shameless and perfect and Jin would be scared of him, maybe he should be scared of him. Maybe he even is, deep down where his insides are twisting and curling.

"It is therefore my pleasure, at this sad time for all of us, to be able to honor her wishes, and appoint Akanishi Jin as our new creative director for music."

The murmur that goes through the press travels everywhere, TV microphones and the podium, where Kame stands up straighter. Gestures generously.

The adrenaline hits Jin like a fist to the stomach, and he doesn't know if he wants to puke or go to the toilet or down half a bottle of sake.

But then Kame's eyes find him, hold him in place as Kame steps towards him, clearing the path to the mic. They shake hands in passing, Kame's grip strong like he's learned how to do this too. The cameras flash. Kame holds on longer. "You know what to do," he says, low enough no one will hear though they'll all see them speaking, and touching forever.

Yeah, Jin knows. Kame's told him.

And it moves him, step by step, and suddenly he's behind the mic with his sweating hands and his careful hair and his respectful suit.

He takes a deep, deep bow.

"A few of you know me," he says when he straightens up again. "It's been a while." That get him laughs, though knowing and not totally friendly ones. It doesn't matter. Just doesn't matter. "You know me as the guy who hated you all. Right?" He's standing tall now, this is nothing but truth. He's got to own up to it. "The guy who thought he could do whatever he liked." The skewed smile comes easy. "That's the kind of guy I was, then. But I brought myself down with that, and you know what, ten years… you get a lot of thinking done in ten years. A lot of growing up."

And it doesn't matter where the thinking led him. Here on stage, now, he's simply what he needs to be. What Kame needs him to be.

"I let the company down. I was selfish and stubborn and people called me an idiot. And that's just my friends." It's like water, washing over him and sliding off, and it gets him another laugh. "As the old Akanishi Jin, I let down my co-workers, and I disappointed my fans." He's tingling, and the ground's falling away and he isn't falling with it. This thing he could never do, it's easy.

"It's different now," he says. "I have two kids now, and I love them. I want them to be proud of me. This is a second chance for me, and I will work as hard as I can. And this time I'd like to do it with humility." There are titters, but they knew that. He didn't know he wouldn't care, and it feels… free. And there are also people looking convinced, younger people who didn't know him then, older ones who think he's finally learned. He can be the new, improved Akanishi. For everyone to see. "I want to work with people, not against them. I want to make the best contribution to this company that I can make. No more sudden surprises. No more dancing out of line. What the agency wants," and he shoots a glance at Kame, there's the smile, his reward, full of trust and confidence, "that's what I want too. I don't want to rock that boat. We all want to get back to where we were the best."

Flashlights, so bright, he forgot and he missed them the first time round because he was bowing. He makes himself stand and smile sincerely until they're done.

"I would like to apologize," he says then. "To those of you who still remember the old me, whom I hurt and whose jobs I made harder. I thought I was right then, I thought you were my enemies. All I can say now is please, believe me, I have grown up. I ask for your guidance."

He bows again, a long time, everyone staring, all eyes and all cameras. And it's fine.

He steps back from the podium, smiling, demure. Polite. Answers the questions they have until Kame simply takes him away, and nobody argues.

The door shuts on the press room, like a sudden hush. It's over, and it was so easy. There's an itch racing round Jin's skin.

"That was good work," Kame says, guiding him by the elbow. It's like a caress.

"Thank you." His steps are light. Once again he's not sure where they're going.

"See how well things go when you're a good boy?" Kame asks, in a way that doesn't expect an answer.

So he gives none. Just thinks, how easy it was when he didn't fight it. He's taut like a string everyone got to play to their pleasure today, and there's a low resounding ring in every step he takes. He's learned. Akanishi Jin, old and new. And this can be easy.

Kame's office is still bland and grey, blinds drawn against any ray of sunshine that might want to gate-crash the mausoleum party. Enough now.

"I want to go home," Jin says when the door's barely closed behind them. "I've been a good boy and I've rolled over and I've licked all my boots, and I want to go home now."

Kame pauses in motion. "Skipping out on work already? I thought we might have some business to discuss."

"Not skipping." He picks up his jacket and Kame's jacket from next to each other on the clothes stand. "We're just done here for today."

Kame won't admit that Jin's right. But he takes the jacket; makes two more brief calls and Jin lets him. It's not worth the hassle. The view makes up for the delay, Kame behind his wide grey desk in his dead grey office, the office now, standing there like he's the one pulse of life and color, and power.

He lets Kame lead even to the elevator, that's easy too. Jin likes easy, wants more of it.

How did it take him so long to learn how much easier it is to let it roll off your back, not care, give in. Thank you. He's sure it was good for them.

"We go to your place," he says when he's in the car, in the leather seat. Quiet.

Kame tries to read him, a brush on his tingling skin. Jin likes it. Kame can look at him all he wants, and never stop. "Fine," Kame says.

He watches Kame's hands and his careful steering. The small shifts as he handles speed and brakes. He knows Kame naked under all that polish and his skin is lonely for him.

The freeway presses him into the seat. Nobody knows where Kame lives. Jin thinks he could find the way by himself now, in his new company car.

"It gets easier," Kame says. "You let them have their way, and in the end it's good for you. In the end you get your own way."

"I'm learning," Jin says.

Kame nods, Kame knows. "I need you to," he says then. "From now, what you do reflects on me."

Jin's aware. He won't forget. Won't slip, Kame won't let him. He works for Kame now.

It spins through his head and makes him dizzy. They turn off the freeway and there's a kick in the turn; an edge to Kame's driving, and maybe he's earning himself a speeding ticket, the first one that won't, can't hurt him.

Jin breathes in deep and long, sees Kame's apartment building come up. High and imposing, state of the art security. It's his untouchable refuge, from people, from everything.

The car slips smoothly down into the parking garage and the gates close on the afternoon light. It's so early, for Kame. Even on a Friday evening.

They go through the code-secured door, up the code-secured elevator. Jin doesn't have those codes. He just follows.

In Kame's apartment the light is back, on icy white, gleaming chrome, obsidian sculptures. Jin takes his jacket off and drops it, lets Kame lock up. He doesn't interfere with the important stuff.

Kame shrugs out of his suit jacket, white stiff shirt moving on his shoulders, his eyes skimming the place, skimming Jin. His thoughts are full of plans, full of complications. He's the hottest thing Jin's ever seen.

The small bar is dark and chrome and mirrors, a riot of color only when Kame folds the front down. "What do you want?" he says, turning halfway when Jin steps up from the genkan on his socks, steps closer.

Jin reaches out. "I want you." And Kame doesn't resist, when Jin pulls him sideways and there's the wall. By the time he tenses, Jin's got him spun around.

"What the—"

"I want you," Jin says. Waits for it to sink in.

Kame pushes back, but Jin leans against him hard, all the heaviness he's got. "I don't do that," Kame says, his cheek brushing the wall when Jin presses his mouth behind his ear.

Jin licks him. "Adapt."

Kame fights him, pushing and squirming, and Jin pushes back and holds him trapped, and he never thought it would feel like this, it could be such a charge. They freeze again when he's holding one of Kame's wrists on his stomach, the other rough against the wall above them. He's stronger, still stronger.

Kame's sweating. Jin can hear him breathe.

"Give it up," he says, and Kame fucking shivers. "Your turn now."

It happens slowly. Kame's tension fades; protection crumbling. Jin's stomach twists with a strange sort of fire when Kame's hand slips from his grip, sinks to his trousers.

Jin's so hard he could fuck Kame through the suit.

Kame's hand is fumbling, undoing the belt, the button, and his hair flutters with how sharply Jin breathes out. Kame's pushing his own trousers over his ass, to drop soft to the floor and Jin's flying, he's... He presses into him again, reaches around, has Kame hot in his hand while he gets the underpants down the rest of the way, Kame giving a moan; Kame naked, waiting for him. It feels so right, and Jin bites down on his lip, it's almost too much.

He gets his own belt, zip, and then they're skin on skin, Jin pressing even closer, nudging, demanding. "I spread my legs for you and all of them out there. Now you can spread yours just for me."

Kame coils with strain, shudders. "Don't get used to it," he mumbles, but gives when Jin nudges his feet further apart and gets him lower, pulls him in. His ass is hot against Jin's cock, and Jin humps along the crack before he even knows he's doing it and it's so, so good.

"Keep it there," Jin gets out, pressing Kame's hand against the wall, high above. "You think you can always tell everyone what to do, you just walk around cold and prickly like nobody can touch you." Kame jerks in response and Jin cups his ass and Kame yields further, grinds against him, and Jin feels his own strength like a living, burning thing under his skin. Is this how Kame feels all the time?

He puts his open mouth on Kame's neck and Kame makes a little noise. He's ready. Ready and ripe.

Jin thinks with his brain for one moment, he's been learning. "You got anything?"

Anything at all. He can feel Kame think. "Lip balm," Kame says. His eyes are open and hot and unseeing. "Pocket, left."

Jin fumbles in Kame's Armani suit jacket. There it is. And he's hard along Kame's back again, and Kame was a good boy and stood still and shaking, ready as can be, and there's a whiff of strawberries as Jin empties the tube into his hand.

"It's not much," he says, spreading it on his cock anyway, cool creamy slickness that takes the edge off for a moment.

"It'll do," Kame pants. His lip balm, he'll know. Kame, superboss, and Jin's holding him there, Jin's going to fuck him.

Right now.

He doesn't take time to wonder, that moment when he fumbles between Kame's cheeks and knows this is new, because it's not a science, you don't study this and Jin needs it, and then he really bites his lip when he pushes against Kame, and Kame's body lets him in.

They fit. Even this way. They're a fit and one and home and Jin's going out of his mind with the heat and the pressure and this need, his dick barely remembering being inside somebody.

He rocks his hips, presses in tighter.

"Oh god oh fuck," Kame says, just breath and hiss. Jin braces himself on the wall and holds Kame around the waist, his hips knowing the way, short little jerks that let Kame know he's there.

Kame lets out a tight whimper but it doesn't sound like stop, it sounds like go, yes, more, he's taking, giving back. Kame's neck is bowed, tendons hard, his hair's a messy curtain, getting sweatier by the second, and Jin goes long, deep.

Maybe it's catching, Kame's control. Jin could keep fucking him forever, however long Kame's going to take it. "You're tight for someone who needs it so bad," he says, and he knows why, Kame doesn't do this, because Kame's never known what's good for him either. Jin's hand slides, sticky with strawberry on Kame's icy white wall, and he wraps his arm around Kame's chest. Kame melts into it, god yes, tighter, deeper. When's the last time Kame ever handed himself over like that?

It spreads over him like a whisper, that he wants more of this, more to see, Kame shutting up, giving up. Kame's neck red from Jin's teeth. Strawberries.

"Anyone ever fucked you in your bed?" he murmurs, so close he feels the twitch in Kame, on his cock and against his mouth. When Kame won't answer he tightens his arm, brings his hand up under Kame's chin, demanding.

"No," Kame gasps, and his eyes are burning. "Never here."

"About time then," Jin decides, taking Kame up on his toes with a hard thrust. Kame's fists are clenching on the wall, right underneath Jin's hand print.

Jin slows down to a tease, never letting go, until he's still. He pulls back, all the way, steps back. A little slip, all the lovely tight heat gone. Kame's flushed a patchy red, chest heaving as he turns his head. Clinging to the wall.

"Let's go," Jin says.

Kame stares at him with his mouth half-open, a stare with a million thoughts.

Jin nods. "Go."

Kame goes. Jin's cock feels heavy, swaying and pointing, and he's not embarrassed by it either. He imagines how Kame feels, walking with the lube and the stretch, preparing to get some more. Jin's so ready.

They're in the bedroom, stylish and cold. Kame's bed is too wide for just him, it's ridiculous and lonely and Jin catches up with Kame's naked ass before he gets on it.

"I want to look at you," he says. "I want to see all of you." He spins Kame around and puts a hand on Kame's cock, it's his right. "That works, yes?" He's never done this but Kame will know.

"Yeah," Kame says, licking his lips. "If we... it works. It'll work."

Jin pushes him back.

Kame is hard, too, and Jin kneels between his legs and grasps him and makes him harder. He could get used to this, Kame squirming on his back, heels digging into the mattress, impatience in his hips but a daze over his eyes. Taking it. "How?" Jin asks, when he wants more again than just look.

The rest happens wordlessly, small movements from Kame telling Jin what and where, and how to get him opened up again. Jin watches Kame's face when he slips back inside, Kame biting his lip, closing his eyes, and sighing along with Jin once they're joined all the way.


Kame's thighs are pressing on Jin's arms, it's different from what he knows, the angles, so tight, Jin needs a moment. But he finds it, can rock Kame open wider, deeper with every thrust. Kame's hard-on has softened but it's still there, responding to his hand, he's not the best at this but he's good enough, Kame's gasping and straining and letting him in, all over, everywhere. Good enough.

He bends Kame more, uses his weight to slump down and crush their mouths together. No skill, just heat, taking possession. Kame's his now, he's earned him. Kame's hands grab at his head, sweaty fingers that keep him there, tender and messy and stinging where the hair clings, Kame opening up for his tongue, too.

Kissing is still new, beginners, they did it all in a weird, weird way, their own way, but it works. He knows the sounds Kame is making even when it's Jin flexing and thrusting, over and over. It's still familiar, it feels right. He tries to take it slow, make it last, give Kame time to feel him and get used to him inside, he remembers that takes a moment, takes touch and closeness. They find a rhythm, a trance almost if Jin wasn't so hungry, Kame's skin under his hands and tight around him, Kame's lips pressed against his.


Yes. He finds that strength again and fucks Kame like a long, drawn-out promise. The best ones, hot with spit and blood and he knows Kame loves it, too.

And then he's there, and ready, it sweeps over him from his toes to the roots of his hair and he can't stop, harder and faster and more, and he hears himself moan and then he's coming, inside Kame, and Kame is making fists in his hair and it lasts forever.

For half a minute he doesn't move, doesn't even think. Kame blinks up at him with clouded eyes, lips swollen from kissing, like he's not sure where he is. His legs are still around him.

He puts his hand back on Kame's cock, and it pulses for him instantly. He's slipping out, rebalancing, but the power's all here now. Kame twisting and shivering, hot and hard, all his, all for Jin.

"I liked that," Jin says, and Kame gives a choked little laugh, bucks into his hand. "I'll do that again sometime." He speeds his hand, picks up the rhythm where he last left it and the high, this glorious high, sinks down over Kame and takes another deep kiss. Kame is urgent, wanting his tongue, his anything, and Jin lets him have it, sweat breaking out all over him again.

He fucked Kame. Kamenashi Kazuya, bane of TV stations, protector of idols, corporate overlord. Jin's new boss.

"Some day," he whispers against Kame's lips, "I'll fuck you in your office."

Kame makes a choked noise.

"Right there in your stupid boring office. Maybe I'll bend you over that desk. Maybe I'll sit in that bossy chair of yours and let you suck me off."

Would do him good, too. Kame is thrusting now, panting, biting back moans.

"Tell me I can," Jin says dreamily, easing up just that much, he can tease too.

Kame grabs at his hand, and it's a moment, a moment where he's fighting. But it passes, Kame holding his eyes, "yes," just a gasp, thrusting harder, urging Jin, and Jin's spine tingles, a new wave of heat going through him, dizzying. He rolls with it, lets it wash through him, concentrates on Kame who can't get enough air and enough anything, hot and red and glistening and beautiful. Who freezes and is faster than Jin's hand, semen hitting Jin's chest and Jin's arm before Jin can catch the rest. Never mind, Jin thinks, never mind.

Kame heaves with a deep, desperate breath. He doesn't take his eyes off Jin. Sweaty, sticky mess. Perfect together, any way they are.

"I should move in with you," Jin says.

Kame gasps; laughs. Something in between. Jin slumps down beside him, just wants to curl up in Kame's boiling body heat.

Kame's breathing still hitches when Jin touches him. So light, and yet Jin can do that. And Kame lets him.

He can fuck Kame and pet Kame. Who'd have thought. A whole new skill set. Task set. He watches Kame come down, breath by breath, and thinks this bed is a much better place already.

"Do you want a beer?" Kame asks after a while. "Or something more demanding, now you're on a roll?"

Jin gives that some thought. "I think a beer will do for now. Thanks."

He lets Kame go, watches his ass and his back, he fucked Kame and it's still buzzing around his body like the best sort of booze. He's not even sure he needs the beer but when Kame is there he takes it off him anyway.

Kame sits on the bed with his beer, upright, sipping carefully. He looks around, walls and door and windows. The sheets are a dark grey satin, their skin the only color in the room.

"Were you serious?"

Jin's been nothing but serious; serious is rippling out under his skin. "Yes." It's easy, too. He's just seen the obvious a bit earlier than Kame, who's distracted from letting Jin fuck his ass, in his bed, and needs to be cut some slack. "I need a new place. You've got a spare room. I should move in."

Kame's time to think. "You won't just get your way all the time," he warns. Jin doesn't even know if that's more paranoid and dumb or paranoid and sweet. But, slack, he was gonna cut it. He rolls up and presses Kame against the headboard, and kisses him, because he's bigger and stronger and he can.

"You fuck me, and you pay my rent," he points out. "Let's cut out the middleman. Save you the drive, too."

Then he waits for Kame to decide that this is a sound business proposal while brushing his mouth along Kame's jaw.

Kame breathes out carefully. "And I'd just sorted things out with your building manager..."

"Yeah." Jin stops with an unwelcome memory of coming across a Yamada-san he'd never met before on Wednesday morning. "Do I even want to ask what you did to the old one?" He's pretty sure the guy's not dead. Pretty sure.

Kame rolls his eyes. "I offered him a better job at one of our facilities. Made him sign clauses and all that. And the file about your rent history got accidentally deleted."

Yes, that's what Jin had figured. Mostly.

"We could ride into work together," Kame says, looking at Jin and then past him. "I guess that would make sense. And I could make sure you show up on time."

Sure, that. Definitely that. "See," Jin says.

Kame sits still, and now he gets it, Jin thinks, he sees it all. Keeping Jin in line. Being the boss. No loose ends flapping about Tokyo. All the good little reasons he can line up like barricades, and the real one, that Jin belongs here; that they'll never walk away from each other again.

The next kiss is Kame's, and it's hard enough to bruise. "I'll be keeping an eye on you," he murmurs. But it's more than an eye when he pulls back, it's a whole hungry glance, and Jin feels a new flush crawling over him.

So that's settled. He wonders what it'll be like, having Kame for a boss. Jin's not so good with bosses. But he's never lived with one of them before, either.

Kame stretches for the nightstand and before Jin knows it he's got a cigarette between his lips and lights it with a flick of his thumb.

Jin wrinkles his nose. "That is disgusting, you know that?" he says. "In bed."

Kame gives him an arch look, but blows the smoke to the side. "You picked it," he says. "Didn't you?"

Yeah, he did. Way to seal the deal. Jin leans out of the way of the smoke and has another sip of beer. "I had a coffee with Ueda this morning," he remembers. "Well, he had a coffee and I had one and it was the same machine and we exchanged more than ten words. None of them being 'asshole', for that matter."

Kame's mouth twitches around the cigarette. "That's very sweet."

"He doesn't know what to make of the 'director' part," Jin says. "I mean, yeah, it's kind of weird after all that time."

"He'll come around," Kame says confidently. "I want you to write songs for us again. We need the fresh blood, they'll all see that. You'll be good for the company." He stares ahead at a future he's sure of, plans he's making. "And you're with me now."

He is. That's the deal. And that this place will stop looking like a crypt, and Kame will learn to sleep, and the kisses will be familiar. "I am," he says.

It almost startles Kame. There's a small smile, hidden behind another drag. "Not what I expected," he says.

Jin looks back at him as sure as anything. "Who else would have you?"

That same sharp flash, the small smile more sneaky; insistent. The cigarette is halfway done. "You and your poor choices," Kame says as he leans to stub it out, moving muscles Jin can't wait to touch again.

"I'll need to pick up all my stuff," he says. Soon. He's looking around and he can't wait for that either.

"So use the car," Kame says. "It's why I got it for you. And I've got an empty drawer somewhere."

"Jerk," Jin says.

"Yes," Kame smirks. "Is this news?"

"I thought getting laid more often would improve your personality."

"You can sing me all your songs." Kame's stare is evil, and it's just as well that his cigarette is gone, because Jin snakes up and folds himself all over him, skin and skin and skin, and his lips at Kame's ear.

"Count on it," he says, "I will."




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