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The Same Deep Water As You
9 1/2 Weeks

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Off the wire

8,800 words, Explicit. Written December 2008. If warnings apply you'll find them here.
Originally written as commentfic in the Mini Akame Mass Comment Ficcy Thing, inspired by though not entirely faithful to the prompt: "Jin punishing Kame for getting drunk again and fighting with the cabbie on his way home."

Kame's cell buzzes while the taciturn jimusho employee is driving him home after the fight, the sirens, the lights and the apologies. And they say I'm the idiot, the message reads.


See a Better Time

Summary: On Christmas Eve, it snows in Tokyo.
7,700 words, Explicit. Written December 2008, for the 'Snow' prompt at ficwars. If warnings apply you'll find them here.

Jin isn't surprised to be working on Christmas Eve.


Goodwill to all men, mice, wolves and trees (colour scheme pending)

15,700 words, Explicit. Written April 2009. Betaed by Matchy and Cuizy. If warnings apply you'll find them here.
This started with a poll. Not that we really stuck to it (or this would have been twice as long).

Junno wants cake. Ueda wants sophistication. Jin wants cosplay. Koki wants to bring joy to the world. Nakamaru wants to save energy. Kame just wanted a cup of coffee, and what did it get him? -- KAT-TUN are having a Christmas party.


Getting with the Plot

Summary: Kame wonders how Jin keeps himself entertained while he's busy with work. Then he wishes he hadn't wondered quite so loudly.
5,300 words, Explicit. Written July 2009, for Jin's 25th birthday. Betaed by Matchy and Mec.
If warnings apply you'll find them here.

"Stuff. Sexy things."


Unexpected Changes in Management

Summary: Jin gets bored.
3,200 words, Explicit. Written October 2009. Betaed by Matchy. Podfic recorded by Adistantsun.
No fish were harmed in the production of this story. If other warnings apply you'll find them here.

"Fish don't get horny."



Summary: Kame rings in the years with angst, some abandonment, and a cosmopolitan.
9,000 words, Teen. Written April 2010. Betaed by Ina. If warnings apply you'll find them here.

Everyone's big party.

Lift me to the Sky

Summary: Of course Jin will go.
6,900 words. Explicit. Written April 2010. If warnings apply you'll find them here.
Note: So we were mentally processing and trying to uncover the less angsty take on the news about the summer concerts and The Thing, and plotted a story with KAT-TUN conversations and lots of introspection and no porn whatsoever.
Then we went and wrote this one instead.

So, the world, Kame thinks. Maybe somebody decided to look at a globe.


The Grass is Greener

Originally written for the JE Summer Kink Meme. Prompt: 'sweet love making in the green grass'.
1,700 words, Explicit. Written June 2010. No consent issues or child abuse. May trigger hayfever.

He tumbles Jin down behind thick hedges...


The perfect Christmas date

Summary: Jin has gone solo and the rules have changed.
7,100 words, Teen. Written December 2010, for happiestwhen who won our services in the Help Pakistan fannish auction. If warnings apply you'll find them here.

"I'm taller than you," Jin says. He's also the guy with the knife.


Fall in Dream

Summary: Kame has always wanted to see London.
9,300 words, Teen. Written December 2011 for JEhols. Betaed by Lulu
Warnings: Bad service, dirty trains, pigeons. If other warnings apply you'll find them here.

Kame is looking around at the pigeons, the people, the pigeons, the fountains, the pigeons, and the guy on top of the tall column with a pigeon on his head, like it's all the greatest thing ever.



Summary: Kame gets a present.
5,100 words, Explicit. Written January 2012 for kink_bingo. If warnings apply you'll find them here.

"So you didn't order it?" Jin pokes the thing doubtfully, with a look of vague distaste.


Our Story (Wedding Bell Mix feat. Kuroki Meisa)

Summary: Plans change. Jin gets married to Meisa.
7,600 words, General Audiences. Written Feburary 2012 because we are crazy. Please fasten your tinhats. If other warnings apply you'll find them here.

Meisa is quiet.


Teenage Artist Ninja Turtle

Summary: Museums are boring, right?
2,500 words, Teen. Written Feburary 2012, for monika894@lj and for the suspension square on our kink_bingo card. No warnings.

Jin wasn't a music student to look at fuzzy European water lilies.


Wilds Of My Heart

Summary: Kame has a dick. Jin has a left eyebrow. Together, they wear leather pants and have trouble communicating.
11,000 words, Explicit. Written May 2012, for the awesome banner by Desh. Betaed by Tiggy Malvern. If warnings apply you'll find them here.

And Jin thinks, fuck it. He was hot five minutes ago, and they were fine some other time ago, and this was bullshit back when it first started.


How to Hook Your Fish (and not kill a dolphin)

Summary: Nakamaru graduates, Jin doesn't say goo-goo-goo, and Kame knows what Jin likes.
13,000 words, Explicit. Written March 2013, for Edogawa and Naricina who teamed up and bought 3000 words of our services in a Help Philippines auction. If warnings apply you'll find them here.

The room Nakamaru ushers him into is full of people and almost bare of furniture.


Last Page

Summary: It's a long road, but you'll get there in the end.
12,000 words, Mature. Written August 2014, for Frameofmind as part of the Summer Loving: Eternal Purple Turtle Pirates Happy Style Exchange 2014. No warnings.

Of course there's a queue.


Home for a Holiday

Summary:Kamenashi Kazuya has had a very long, very bad, no good horrible day. Also, there were koalas.
4,600 words, Explicit. Written December 2015, for Belle. No warnings, except this mentions The Taguchi Thing and has a high fluff ratio. Do not tumble dry.

Kame starts feeling whiny in the car.


Okyakusama wa Kamesama

Summary: All of this has happened before. Well, most of it. Basically, when you get right down to it. And have a bit of an imagination. Which, Jin does.
17,000 words, Explicit. Written February 2016, for Belle as part of the Polaris: Eternal Purple Turtle Pirates Happy Style Exchange 2015. If warnings apply you'll find them here.
Russian translation by the amazing Leen here.

Jin likes to sit here and soak in the room, the view, the distance. Wallow in stage fright, someone said once.  


The Same Deep Water As You

Summary: Kame's got his reasons for seeing prostitutes. Jin's got his reasons for being one. Life is pretty screwed up.
445,350 words. Explicit. Lots of warnings apply.  Handle with care and read at your own risk. 
Written between August 2008 and March 2011. Posting finished April 2012.

This thing has its own index page and its own art gallery.  

9 1/2 Weeks

Summary: Thirteen years after leaving KAT-TUN, Jin finds his life hasn't really gone as planned. The last person he expected to show up and rub his nose in it is Kamenashi. The last thing Kamenashi expected was that he'd keep coming back.
85,500 words. Explicit. Written between April and December 2012.

This one has its own index page too.

Jo's JE fiction

Sometimes Solo is busy, or Jo wants to write about babies, and then Jo has to write solo (#Junnopun!!)...

Boy or Girl

Summary: The real reason there hasn't been any NEWS activity lately.
Akame & TegoPi. 2,000 words. Gen. Mpreg (sorry, Tegoshi). Written July 2010. Distractedly betaed by distraught Solo.

Jin thrusts his hands into his pockets and says, "I don't know how Johnny could let this happen."


Mr Hayashi, married with one child, government worker, homeowner, enjoys gardening and afternoon tea

SummaryBem doesn't get to be human.
Bem/Natsume. 11,100 words. Mature. Written December 2011. Betaed by Solo.

They were grown in a laboratory, and they're in a laboratory when they learn that this is all they'll ever be.