The Same Deep Water As You
An Alternate Universe Akame story by Solo and Jo


Because even our story notes  are epic   

: Kame's got his reasons for seeing prostitutes. Jin's got his reasons for being one. Life is pretty screwed up.

Stuff that bears repeating:

This story is fiction. We don't for a moment believe that the guys are really doing this.

This story is also AU. Very AU. And really not true.

This story is sexually explicit. By clicking the link to a chapter or chapters, you confirm that you are of legal age to read it.

If you write us comments (long, short, early, late...) we will love them and cherish them and call them Jin.


This story eats betas. Nomnom.

Our thanks go to Lark for her comments on the first three chapters, and to Matchy, who read up to chapter 8 and gave us some much-needed feedback.

Sylvia, who isn't even an Akame fan, stuck it out until chapter 26 before getting the hell out of dodge, and she deserves some sort of commalicious award. Thank you, Sylvia!

All remaining errors and weirdnesses are entirely our fault. The second half of this story remains unbetaed. Read, at you're own risck!!1

(ETA: from chapter 46,
Lulu has been on board as our typospotter and has since saved us from misplaced blank spaces and from having 'not' read 'now' and the like. Thank you, Lulu, we appreciate it!)

Our beautiful banner was made by AKK, who is amazing with graphics, tried to explain to us things that surpassed our understanding, and patiently put up with our strange and incoherent special requests ("That... thing, there? In the middle? Could that be... different?"). Thank you, AKK!

(ETA: and then lots of other lovely people started to make us art, so that we now have an art gallery to go with this story. We have wonderful readers!)


Further disclaimers:

Any Johnny's in this story that are not Akame are in this story because they didn't run fast enough when we were trawling for cast. (Johnny's is full of slow guys.)

Also: there are no drama characters in this story. That one would have broken even our sick little brains. 

Also #2: despite the pairing being sort of everyone/everyone, this is still AKAME fic. This means that the further away you move from Jin and Kame, the more you may find we had to resort to artistic licence. Sorry, Kanjani8! Sorry, Arashi! Really, really sorry, SMAP! You were there! You were sparkly!

Another disclaimer:

We started this story in 2008, after we'd been in the fandom for less than half a year and after we'd mostly watched 2006-2007 stuff of the boys. Maybe this will tell you something. Maybe not. (We think it explains a few things.)



Warnings can be found on Ponymeter as per our usual warnings policy. We will say here that it's whorefic, and not really the fluffy glossy kind, so please be prepared for what that might entail.

You may have read some of our other stories. This one is different.

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