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The Same Deep Water As You

by Solo & Jo

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Chapter 30


Tuesday 09 December

It got late. Kame doesn't have an early start tomorrow, so they took their time, first over dinner and then in bed, and Jin has his eyes closed, Kame's fingers curved around his hip. He feels tired and slack and almost like a normal person.

Kame holds him without asking now. They both think so much, about now and about before, Kame being careful, Jin wondering if Kame is holding back. But in these moments they don't have to.

Kame feels strong like this. The glow's still in his skin, his heartbeat slowing. Jin can feel it where he's listening. His own body is woozy, his skin tingly and distant. But that part's familiar. This isn't; this is new, or just old or different and he's missed it.

"Are you warm enough?" Kame asks, so quietly there's no rise in his chest.

"Yes," Jin says just as quietly, "fine," and Kame's touch makes sure anyway, moving slowly and warm up his back, coming to rest between his shoulderblades.

He could stay like this. Fall asleep when Kame smells warm and of them. Only he can't. But he can let it last a little longer.

It's easier now, when they know how they fit. When Kame doesn't take so long to breathe and settle and Jin is less mindful whether his head is too heavy or where to rest his hand.

Kame's hand is moving into Jin's hair, the way Jin likes, and Jin blinks lazily.

Those tiny nipples. He grins. They're kind of cute.

He still wonders if they're always sensitive, or if it depends on mood. Maybe he can find out next time, or the time after. Once Kame dares to be spontaneous, trusts himself to do the right things. Not to do wrong things.

He didn't do anything wrong when it counted. Jin gave him every chance, and he didn't.

Jin closes his eyes, strokes Kame's chest with just the tips of his fingers. Exhales slowly until there's nothing in his head but all that Kame did right, all the ways Jin was right.

He doesn't have long now. They're cooling down, and in a minute, Kame will offer Jin a shower, and later a drink, and then he'll make sure he doesn't so much as throw a carnal glance at Jin while they hang out and chill.

It's kind of stupid. But Jin's not complaining about chaste chilling and tales of samurai sword practice, at all.


Kame's shower is really complicated. Even now, when he's used it several times, Jin has to think about what he's doing with all the knobs and sliders after Kame helpfully 'set it to manual'. Kame explained it to him in detail after their last date, and highly recommended the rain shower head and some pivoting body spray.

Jin doesn't want to think about settings, he just wants a quick rinse, a formality more than anything else. If Kame's own settings were anywhere near sane, he'd just use them, but he tried that last time and found that Kame apparently likes to be assaulted by his bathroom installations.

"It works wonders for a sore back," Kame said when Jin expressed his disbelief. And then went through an explanation of all the settings again.

This time, Jin makes sure to tune everything to a bearable level, raises the temperature a little, and then he soaps himself off quickly. He considers not washing his hair because it's such hassle to set, but then does it anyway.

Next, wrapped in a towel and standing in front of the mirror, he considers simply not drying it. But this is an assignment, this is a client waiting outside, and Jin ought to make himself as presentable as he normally does. He can't get… sloppy. He can't get sloppy or anything else.

Ten minutes later he's done, putting Kame's high-end hair-dryer back on the shelf and throwing a generally pleased look around. At least Kame is no longer nervous about mentioning anything to do with bathrooms. That's a good step.

Outside, Kame is waiting for Jin with a smile, perched on the edge of the bed. The bed has a fresh new sheet, just like last time, part of the routine too. Jin hasn't seen that before, but maybe it's normal on rests; some guys might be that fussy, some might do it to be polite. Jin can't be sure what category Kame falls into but polite is probably a good bet.

He'll relax more, though, Jin is sure. In time, it won't matter so much if something goes less than perfect.

"Did everything work all right?" Kame asks, getting up.

"I'm getting the hang of it," Jin says, smiling back, and then he remembers. "Oh… I made it hotter. You'll have to set that back."

Kame nods quickly. "Sure, thanks. No problem. I'll just go…"

"Yeah." With a bit more time, Jin might wish Kame luck battling his bathroom. Now he just nods back.

"And… you know. Get comfortable," Kame says, indicating the freshly made bed. "Please." By now it sounds natural, no longer like desperate hospitality.

But he still gives Jin a lot of space when they pass each other and makes sure not to look at his naked chest with too much interest. Jin wonders if he should say that looking and touching is allowed, or if that would make things awkward again.

For now, he lowers himself onto the side of the bed, sneaking a look in the process to catch the last glimpse of Kame disappearing into the bathroom.

When he's dropped the towel and settled on the bed with the covers pulled up to his waist, he wonders how long they'll make it last this time. The week before, he stayed for less than an hour after cleaning up. Kame really didn't seem interested in any more sex. Jin's not sure if that's nervousness, too. It's an awful lot of money for just one round.

He still feels warm, and now he's glad he's dried his hair because he can lie back for a bit without getting the new sheet wet, and listen to the sound of the pipes. He smiles at the ceiling. Kame and his weird shower.


Their drinks are the same, too. Jin has no complaints about that, because whatever it's called, it's possibly the nicest thing Kame has served him so far, and Kame has good taste overall. Jin sips slowly, because it's not just sweet but strong, and he tries not to make any small ecstatic noises because that would be rude.

Kame has a plain whisky – a very small shot, and he's taking it slow, too. Leaning against the headboard, he's pulling the light covers up over his groin. As he's settling, their feet brush together, and for once Kame doesn't apologize. Maybe it's okay when it's by accident, or out of sight.

"Do you have a busy week ahead of you?" Jin asks, because it's normal, and not suggesting anything but friendly interest.

"Not very," Kame says. "I'll have most of the weekend off, and the promotion for the samurai movie hasn't really started yet."

"I'm glad," Jin says, and almost blushes because he wasn't thinking of dates but it sounds like that out loud.

Kame gives him a small smile. "Yeah, me too. But it'll get busier again once we start filming." He stops to think with a tiny focussed frown. "I'll be spending a couple of weeks on location in January. They're recreating an entire early Edo village for us in Hokkaido."

Jin winces a little. "That's far away."

Kame turns his glass a couple of times. "I'll probably fly home one weekend, to see— my wife, she's called Midori."

There's nothing useful Jin can say to that, so he just nods, and takes another sip of that delicious stuff.

When he looks up again, Kame is facing him, looking like he'd rather not. "She's nice," he says. "I really like her. Just…"

There's any number of ways a practiced escort could respond; it's not an uncommon situation to have a client mention his wife, though they usually do it to complain.

But Jin still doesn't know what to say. All he has is questions, and he can't ask them. Not yet, if ever. "I guess it would be easier if you didn't," he says, because that's what Kame's expression makes him think, and then he wonders if that was too much, too intrusive.

But all Kame says is, "Yeah," and he thinks, and then he turns to his whisky again. "Anyway," he says, "Hokkaido. January."

"Winter," Jin contributes helpfully.

Kame gives a small laugh. "Cheer me up more, why don't you."

With anybody else, this could be a cue. Jin downs the rest of his sticky drink while he tries to figure out whether—

"Not like that," Kame interrupts his thoughts. He doesn't sound panicky or tense, only like he's just figured out what it sounded like, too. "I meant it, last time," he adds, and when Jin meets his eyes he's got that serious face again. "This is just… for relaxing. Both of us. I don't usually… This is just nice."

No more sex coming up, no seduction required; Jin gets it.

"Okay," he says. "So, tell me more about your samurai?"

"At this point, he's still learning to hold a sword," Kame says. He shakes his head with a little laugh. "I had my first training session yesterday, and you should have seen me. It was like a comedy routine."

"You fell over?"

"Not completely, but I came pretty close a couple of times."

Jin up-ends his glass over his mouth while Kame tells him about kendo for beginners, to see if any more sweet drops will come out. Eventually, when Kame seems absorbed in trying to remember some step sequence, he turns sideways a little and runs his finger through the glass, licks it off.

"Are you licking the glass?" Kame sounds amused.

"Um. No," Jin says. "Well, not exactly." He wriggles his toes in embarrassment, then realizes they're still touching Kame's leg. "Sorry."

Kame is laughing now, though Jin can tell he's trying to keep it low.

"It's a nice drink," he defends himself, and grins back when he can't help it.

"Well, we do have more," Kame says. "Can I get you another one?"

Jin hesitates. But it's getting too late for the subway anyway, so he won't be walking by himself in the dark. Being tipsy in a cab isn't dangerous. "I'd like that," he says. "Thanks." He doesn't suggest he can get up himself, he's learning; and Kame looks really pleased when Jin just hands him the glass.

There's a draft of air as Kame slides his legs out from under the covers and heads for the liquor cabinet. Jin leans back a bit, watching without staring.

Last time, when Kame said he wasn't expecting stuff now, it was about the sheet. Jin doesn't cover up with most clients, not when they've paid for their time and their time isn't up, but it was nice that Kame was clear even though it's never really cold in here.

"So how many hours of training do you get for this?" he asks when Kame comes back drink in hand.

"I have another half-day at the dojo," Kame says, "and one of the trainers is coming along to the location for the fight scenes, too." He raises a very well-groomed eyebrow. "It'll be a whole new picture once they put me on those crazy period sandals, too." He sits and scoots back to just where he was.

Jin remembers Shota's crack about heels, but it's not his place. And those sandals would scare him too. "I hope they give you some time to get used to it," Jin says, and then realizes that's probably a stupid thought because producers and directors won't want their main actor to break his legs.

And then he starts a little, at a painful screechy noise coming through the wall somewhere, like someone drilling holes. At this time of night?

"Oh," Kame says, reading his face. "My neighbours. Pulling in their awning."

"Ah," Jin says, in a lowered voice.

"No, it's not like that." Kame almost laughs. "It's just that one thing, that's all I ever hear of them." He's contemplating his drink with a distant good humour. "It's got worse over the months, I should send somebody round with some oil. They must be going deaf right next to it."

Jin has another sip of his drink; it's still quite full, but it's getting late. Kame might want to go to bed. Though he's not looking tired so far. "The house is quiet?"

"Yeah, I made sure… I like it quiet."

"Yeah, quiet is good," Jin agrees. He looks around, at the softly lit walls, the long blinds everywhere, and then back at Kame… who's followed his gaze and something has chased out the amusement, as if he's thinking Jin's making a statement on his secrecy, when all Jin is thinking is that it's pretty normal you don't want the world to watch or hear you when you're sleeping with somebody.

"It's cozy here," he says. He kind of wishes they touched more, so he could reach over and show Kame he means it in a nice way. "I like your place." He tries a smile instead, nodding at the blinds. "And the cat can't spy on us."

Kame has relaxed again, the vague tension resolving into a smile. "Yes, that's why. I cat-proofed the place."

"But your balcony's out there, right?" Jin points towards the glass doors beside the last kitchen shelf.

"The bit I use, yes. It goes on around the corner; actually all the way along the house, you've probably seen that."

Jin nods. It's where the stairs lead, and now he remembers the neighbours had a chair out in front of their door.

"We've got a trellis with a jasmine between my part and theirs, but I don't use the front."

"You go out on this side? It's private?"

"I wouldn't go out naked, but otherwise, private enough."

Jin nods again, and then he has another sip of his drink. Kame sips his whisky, too, and it goes quiet. Jin shifts his toes. It's a thin cover, but nice and warm anyway. Eider down, maybe, Jin's heard of that. Their eyes meet, and Kame smiles a little. Jin wonders if it's time to finish his drink.

"Would you like to see it?" Kame asks into the silence. "I mean, do you want to go out?"

It takes Jin a moment to make the connection to the balcony again, but he gets it before he has to ask. "Yes," he says. That sounds like fun. "I mean, if you're sure—"

Stupid; of course Kame is sure it's safe; and they're hardly going to put on a sex show out there when they aren't even touching in here.

Kame's smile gets deeper. "I'd like to." He swings his legs over the side of the bed, putting his drink on the nightstand.

Jin keeps hold of his glass, and then realizes that it feels sillier when you're standing and naked.

But the nudity's ending here anyway. Balcony is clothes zone.

He looks at the clothes he draped over a chair, the jacket Kame put on a hanger for him. All kind of formal and complicated, but he didn't bring anything else. Rests are still new and he never thought to pack differently for them. He certainly didn't factor in balconies.

"Do you want a bathrobe?" Kame asks, considering the pile with Jin's silk shirt on top, too. Then he bites his lip. "I don't have a guest one, but mine's just washed."

Tatsuya probably packs a smarter bag.

"Or, I mean, I could also…" Kame trails off, and Jin catches up with what's actually going on, the actually important stuff.

"A bathrobe would be much more comfortable," he says.

Kame gets it from the bathroom. "I really haven't worn it again, I just hung it up," he says, as if Jin would mind that much. Then he goes to the wardrobe where he puts on a tracksuit. That one is black.

The robe is thick and very soft. It's maroon with dark blue, not like the club's at all. Jin breathes in the detergent scent, pulls the belt nice and tight, and sticks his hands in the pockets.

Kame brings their shoes back from the hallway to the balcony door, too. That makes sense, near midnight in December, even if they haven't had a cold spell yet.

"Thanks," he says again, and they smile at Jin's shoes, which look shiny and way too serious on his naked legs.

Kame is wearing sneakers, nothing mismatched there. He flips the handle on the balcony door, lets Jin step out first. "I hope the weather hasn't changed in the meantime."

"No," Jin says, blinking up at a clear sky. "It's quite nice, actually." Then he wishes he'd made that funnier, but Kame looks satisfied.

They step out a little further, and Jin tries not to make noise with his shoes on the wooden planks. The air is chilly around his ankles but the bathrobe is warm enough for now.

Kame peers past the railing as if he thinks he should give an introduction. Below them is the entry to Kame's garage, and beyond the high privacy fence and the hedges there are some dark buildings, which Kame explains are more warehouses. After that, the city lights start again, and Jin thinks he can see some of the love hotels before the buildings get taller and taller.

"You can't see very far," Kame says. "But not many people can just look in, either."

Jin nods, totally in support of that. There are screens a few meters to the left and right, and the shadows of plants visible through them, blocking off random visitors if they somehow manage to miss the main door. Kame has a chair out here, together with a small metal table. In the dark, Jin can't tell if the plant with little pale flowers on top of it is well taken care of or just plastic.

"Are you out here a lot?"

"Sometimes, yes." Kame puts his free hand in his pocket, too. "Well, not so much in December. But it's nice to get some air even when I come in late."

"I like that floor," Jin says, nudging at the planks. "It's kind of… it reminds me of temples."

"Actually, that's where I got the idea," Kame says, with a glance over at him and then at his feet. "I didn't just want concrete, and… I was at this event at Kiyomizudera while they were fixing up the house and it gave me ideas."

"What were you there for?"

"Just a photoshoot." Kame seems to think of something. "But with a famous… There's a well-known photographer I like a lot. It was actually interesting besides the design tips." He nudges at the planks just like Jin did. "Though those weren't too bad, either."

Kame's right about that. This is a very cool look. "Is it hard to maintain, do you have to polish it?"

"Watanabe-san does it," Kame says. "My cleaning lady. But she has a machine for it; she doesn't have to do it the traditional way."

It goes quiet again. Jin steps next to him at the railing, resting his arms there and looking at the low row of lights leading the way to Kame's garage, the way they light up the underside of the shrubs. He lets the drink burn in his mouth again. This is pretty cozy, too.

"Are you warm enough like this?"

"What?" Jin starts; he was lost in thought. "Yeah, I'm fine." He lifts his glass with a smile. "Keeps me warm. Also, this is comfy." He strokes down the arms of the robe. "Nice and thick."

Kame smiles. "It suits you."

It's such a harmless statement, Jin wouldn't have noticed it, if it wasn't for the fact that it's the first time Kame has said anything that could even remotely be read as a comment on Jin's looks.

Jin smiles back. "I like it."

But Kame has noticed, and the next bit comes rushed. "I didn't mean it like that, I just… sorry."

"For what?" Jin asks very lightly. "For giving me a nice bathrobe?" He rolls his shoulders under the thick, fine-woven towelling cloth and tries to look extra comfortable. Kame's still uncertain so Jin smiles again, without the silly acting now, just lets Kame see it's really okay.

"Next time I should maybe bring something to wear besides the suit," he says. Now he's just as much out on a limb as Kame, and he just holds the flicker of uncertainty and has a little drink, and meets Kame's eyes again.

"Maybe a good idea," Kame says. No more. But he stops standing all stiff, and then he's leaning forward against the railing again. They watch the lights, calm and peaceful.

"You know," Kame says then, "I meant to say earlier, you don't have to wear the suit on my account. If you don't want to. Normal clothes are fine."

He's looking out at the city, sounds almost casual.

"Are you sure?" is the first thing that comes to Jin's mind, because he can't figure out the signs. He knows it happens, to guys who know their clients well, who hang out and go places with them. Not him; his other regulars are comforts and Jin doesn't spend a lot of time dressed. So this is good, really, except it seems complicated again, like everything between them; even a thing like suits is complicated.

But Kame simply nods, very seriously. "I mean, it's a nice suit. But I don't expect it. You should wear what you like, suit or not." And he gives Jin a shy little smile.

"But what about your neighbours and everything?" Jin doesn't stop to think how bizarre it is that he's the one raising the questions.

Now Kame's smile grows real. "I trust you not to come dressed like you're going to drag me out for a hard night's clubbing."

"I won't," Jin says, and doesn't care that it's not very witty or clever. He likes that easy look on Kame, likes that he's confident enough to joke. And yeah, okay, he likes not having to do that kind of dress-up, too. "Thanks."

Kame shakes his head, "No need," and turns to lean back against the railing with his elbows braced. "Oh." He blinks. "Sorry, I forgot… think that could be the time after next?"

Time after next. Jin wriggles his toes in his too-shiny shoes. That works too. "Sure. You've got special plans for next time?" he asks, and even dares a bit of teasing.

"Not really, just… would you mind meeting at the club next week? I'd quite like to meet up with Tanaka-san."

"Yes, of course." Jin's feeling more daring by the minute. "From what he sounded like last time, you'd better not leave it too long, anyway."

Kame laughs. "I am! You are completely right." He leans his head back, gazing up. His nose is really noticeable in profile. Maybe one day Jin can ask how that happened, too.

He finally looks away; looks up as well, because there are actually some faint stars there Kame is watching. "Nice," he says. "Don't get to see those in Ginza."

"Yeah, too bright roundabout," Kame agrees. "Plus, those tinted windows." He leans back a bit further, and Jin remembers he said he used to be afraid of heights. But this isn't high, and Kame looks at Jin with no awareness of the drop. "That's a nice thing about filming in out-of-the-way places. You see millions there."

"Something to look forward to in Hokkaido, then," Jin says.

"Go stargazing in January, instant icicle. Come see your frozen actor here."

Jin laughs. "Yeah, I guess." It's getting a bit chilly on the balcony now, too; but he doesn't want to break the mood. "I never got out of the city much."

Kame nods quietly. The light from the door makes his face seem soft. "It can be nice."

"Yeah, I'm sure." He thinks; of the right things, nothing that will trip them up now. "Where I grew up, pretty much all the lights except the streetlights went out at ten. You could see a little more there." The thoughts lurking there, of nights and stars and warm jackets, just pass, don't pull him away. Good.

"Where was that?" Kame asks, carefully but expectedly enough.

"Chiba; on the outskirts of Narashino." Jin leans against the railing again, the metal stealing the warmth from his hands. "Pretty nondescript."

"Ah," Kame says. "My parents' house is in Machida."

Jin would ask if he visits them a lot, but that would be inviting the return question. "I hear that's a nice place," he says instead. Pretty much the opposite of Narashino not just in terms of the compass.

"It's pretty nondescript, too," Kame says with a slight smile, "but there's a park with nice cherry blossom. I played baseball there." Then his eyes skim the bathrobe again. "Speaking of freezing, do you want to go back inside?"

"Do you?" Jin asks back. "I'm okay."

"You've got goosebumps." Kame lifts his chin.

"You can see that?" Jin didn't even notice. He looks down and it's true, the hairs are all sticking up on his legs. "That doesn't take much, though," he says, slightly embarrassed.

"Let's go back in," Kame says, pushing himself off the railing. Looks like goosebumps override even the usual cautious double-checking. "Get you under a sheet."

"Yes, okay," Jin says. That works for him, too.


Kame picks up another one of his remote controls, or maybe the same, and does something that Jin suspects is turning the heat up. Somehow he feels the chill more now that door is closed, and he appreciates the prospect of warm covers.

His body is starting to feel slower, heavier, and before they get back on the bed he wonders for a moment if he should leave so Kame can sleep. But Kame asks him if he wants socks and brings him some water, and then they end up talking more about Tanaka, and the parties Kame gets invited to. Jin's kept the bathrobe on, and his feet under the covers are warming up quickly, too. It feels good.

"Better, huh?" says Kame, who must have been watching him. He looks not much of a film star in that tracksuit and with his hair looking like he's slept on it. Though of course you'd still notice him, with his face.

Jin nods emphatically.

Kame plays with something invisible on the edge of their cover. "You know," he says slowly, and it sounds light but his body language says it's not, and Jin wonders what's coming. "…if you don't want to go back out and get cold again, you don't have to."

Jin quickly turns that over in his head a few times, but there's really only one thing it can mean. "You want me to stay?"

Jin didn't even bring a toothbrush.

"It's not… you know, a request," Kame clarifies, for once acknowledging their position without any fuss. "I understand people wanting to sleep in their own beds. Really. I was just thinking, if you'd like. You'd be welcome to."

Jin stares for a moment, but then stops because he knows that might freak Kame out. "Sure, I could do that. I mean… I'd like that."

Better escorts would do this… better. Even ones who'd prefer to leave. He has no doubts about that.

"Really," Kame repeats, and Jin can tell he's heading for guilt again. "You don't have to. I just thought—"

Jin thinks fast and pulls the cover up to his neck in a bad show of huddling. "Now you've said it." He tries a smile. "Can't kick me out now. Where it's cold. With cats."

Kame blinks at him, and then he laughs a little, and it sounds good; relieved. "Okay. I'll… uh… promise to try not to kick you at all. I think I'm a well-behaved sleeper."

"I think I'm okay, too," Jin says. He hopes it's true; he doesn't remember Naoki ever complaining. On the street he knew how to sleep quietly, in some corner with all his clothes on. "Uh, I didn't bring anything to sleep in. Or… I guess I might not need it?"

"You'd just get cold," Kame says, and then he goes still. "Oh. Oh no, I don't mean that. I'm not keeping you around for that."

It's not as outlandish a notion as Kame makes it sound; clients like that kind of thing.

"It's your right," Jin says. "It's not rude or anything."

Kame draws in a breath like he's about to say something vehement, but then he stops, shrugs. "I know that." He smoothes over the duvet where he's been playing with it, before he puts his hands flat on the bed. "I'm sure I can find a t-shirt for you."

Jin nods. "I'd like that."

"I'm not planning to jump you in the middle of the night, either," Kame declares. "In case you were wondering."

Jin hasn't even got that far yet. But it's a reasonable assumption, and really, there's no reason Kame shouldn't…

"I wasn't wondering," he says. "And anyway, it would be fine." That should be clear, too. And with a normal rest like this, it's relaxations only in the morning. Kame's been with the club longer than Jin, he's got to know that.

Jin knows Kame likes blow jobs, but Kame has stuck so closely to his safe route…

Kame gives him a long look. Then he nods. "Noted."


Somehow they end up talking about sleeping. Kame tells him stories about catching naps on set; learning to sleep while people are doing your hair, and what his favourite corners are so he doesn't end up on photographs slack-jawed and drooling. "Um, not that I drool much," he adds, and Jin makes a semi-challenging face that makes them both grin.

After Kame's failed to suppress the third big yawn, he smiles at Jin a little sheepishly. "Time to turn in?" he asks. "Unless you're still feeling wide awake."

Jin wriggles against the sheet drowsily. "Do I look like I do?"

Kame laughs. "Okay." He gets up, a little woozily, and wanders over to his wardrobe. Stares inside it for a good long while, then gets out a blue t-shirt and puts it aside. Next he drops to his haunches and rummages in a bag or something, and when he emerges again, he's found a toothbrush which is still in its wrapper. "Thought I had one," he says, turning to Jin. He holds out the toothbrush and the t-shirt both. "Here."

Jin accepts gratefully. "I'm sorry I didn't…"

"Hey, it was my idea; how would you have known?" He stands for a moment like he's trying to think what's next; he must be pretty tired, too. "You can go first," he says then, indicating the bathroom.

It's weird to be doing this with a client. A first for Jin in any case.

Though there was one guy… Jin didn't go places with guys anymore, not if he could help it, but sometimes in the winter, when they wanted to take him to a hotel, the thought of heating and a hot shower made him throw caution to the wind. There was only one who offered to let him spend the night because it was freezing outside; an okay guy probably, not even all that creepy, but he remembers being too nervous to sleep anyway.

Brushing his teeth doesn't take long. Jin drops the bathrobe and changes into t-shirt and his boxers while Kame is in the bathroom, and then he waits for Kame to pick his side of the bed. Predictably, it's the left, near the bedside table with the alarm clock.

Kame wears just boxers. "I don't like to wear much… I don't really get cold. Does it bother you?"

"No," Jin says quickly. "It doesn't, not at all."

Kame picks up the alarm clock. "I need to be away by nine. If I set the alarm for eight and make breakfast while you get ready, we should be able to make that. Does that sound okay?"

No morning sex on the plan, then, either. Jin can read subtext. "Okay."

Kame gives him a look with the remote for the lights in his hand. "Ready?"

They aren't touching. Not even a little.

"Ready," Jin says.

Kame's look grows a little bit stern. "We sleep."

Jin bites his lip and tries to look solemn. "Understood."

The lights go out.


Chapter 31


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