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The Same Deep Water As You

by Solo & Jo

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Chapter 15


Friday 03 October

Alone... Kame takes a breath before he glances over, waiting for his body to settle. If Jin looks even faintly smug about this, or pleased...

Jin doesn't look pleased. He holds still under Kame's eyes where Kame left him by the armchair, naked shoulders drawn in. A flick of tongue over those lips that were so promising... he looks anxious, as if he understands what problems he's caused them, and that's something, at least.

Kame hardens his stare, because Jin's right to feel nervous and responsible, and they're not going to be in any doubt about it. He doesn't move; doesn't know where to because he's lost the plan, doesn't know where to start thanks to Jin's antics, and Jin had better be ready to make it up to him once Kame gets his footing back, just standing there all hot and stubborn won't—

A halting tension steals through Jin; and while Kame is looking he slowly drops his gaze, bows his head, kneels down.

And waits, tense and quiet; and Kame draws a constricted breath, feels his pulse beat fast because that... that was a good start.

He waits a moment, too; lets Jin lick his lips again, wonder; waits for the sudden flash of sweat to die down.

Then he nods, once. "Better." He doesn't want Jin to suck him now; not there; not this fast, because they've got time now. God, they have a lot of time now. But Kame approves of the general drift here, and if he's stuck with Jin for a full rest it's reassuring that Jin at least knows he's got some amends to make.

Looks almost willing to, like it won't take too much this time.

Kame takes a step, feeling tight in his clothes, and he takes another and Jin is breathing and kneeling and holding very, very still.

"And?" he asks when he's there, soft enough that Jin shouldn't flinch like this.

It brings Jin's eyes up, but they don't bother Kame now, tame and repentant as they are, and fast with wanting to please, oh yes, searching...

"Aren't you going to thank me? That was what you wanted, right?"

Something flares; a breath and a swallow but it's nothing like resistance, it's more delicious than that, Jin knowing Kame is right and hating it and keeping himself on a leash the way Kame normally has to.

"Thank you." He wears honesty well, when it's this humble. Looks naked in it.

"Don't like threesomes much, do you," Kame muses.

A much briefer struggle this time. "No." And when Kame raises an eyebrow, "No, Kamenashi-san," and again, flatly, "Thank you."

Kame nods. At least he didn't try to come up with some badly-acted lie.

"I would have enjoyed it," he says, lets the statement stand.

More with the lip-licking, random and unconscious. "I'm sorry."

"But you really know how to spoil a mood," Kame adds, because that sorry didn't quite sound sorry enough for what happened back there, all the confusion, with Yuuya doubting himself and Kame looking like he doesn't know what he's doing.

"I'm sorry." It comes with lowered eyes, and a bit more urgency. It'll do.

"Good." Kame puts his hand on Jin's shoulder. Jin's skin feels cool, a little sweaty under Kame's fingers as he lets them trail towards Jin's throat. "You can make it up to me."

Jin's eyes snap up, and stare; his nod takes a moment. "Yes," he says then. A pause as he considers, settles. "I'll make it up to you."

"You'll be good now," Kame pursues; and flushes at his own words but Jin nods more smoothly now, with more acceptance.

"Yes," he says. "I'll be good." He leans forward a little, almost nuzzling Kame's reviving erection through fabric, but this isn't what Kame has in mind, this is too easy. Let him work for it this time. He tightens his grip on Jin's neck, holds him off. It doesn't take much; Jin simply stills.

"What..." He clears his throat. "What would you like?"

Kame gives himself a moment; to think; to appreciate the picture. "Maybe we should do this differently," he says in the end, and Jin looks commendably attentive. "Maybe I'm tired of the way you keep sulking over the things I ask of you, maybe we should do what you like." He's intrigued by the startled frown; this could become interesting. He smiles down at Jin, eases his touch until it is almost a caress. "So tell me what you want to do for me."

Jin is blinking in a sort of panicked understanding but what more can he expect, they wouldn't be here if he'd just tried to please Kame a little better, and now they can do it like this.

But he gets it together. "I want to make it up to you," he starts, with a whispered breath at the end that says even he knows that can't be all of it, and so Kame nods, looks on in encouragement. He's not in such a hurry if Jin needs the warm-up.

"I..." More thinking. "I'd like..."

"Don't be shy."

He touches Jin's face in time to feel his breath, skims a thumb lightly underneath his bottom lip. "I want to suck you," Jin tries, lips moving next to Kame's fingers, quite a temptation, but later; later, they have so much time.

Kame strokes on with his thumb a little but waits, doesn't move.

"I want to suck you hard," Jin corrects himself, "so you can fuck me," and Kame nods, looking forward to that; Jin can tell him again when he spreads his legs for him.

"Because I want you to fuck me," Jin says, getting firmer about it.

Kame smiles, and simply waits.

"I like it... on the floor," Jin says and swallows. "Or on the bed." He stops, looks vaguely expectant, as if he thinks there's a chance Kame will take him up on it anytime soon, when they still have hours.

"How do you like it?" Kame prompts.

"Hard," Jin says at once. "I want you to fuck me hard."

"Why do you want that?"

Jin takes a careful breath, and releases it slowly, and then it's just fact. "Because I deserve it. I deserve to be fucked hard."

Kame can't quarrel with that. "Why do you deserve it?"

"Because it shows me my place."

Kame slides his hand into Jin's hair, has to feel something if he can't yank his pants down and fuck Jin's mouth right there. "And you like it?" he asks, and Jin's head bends back easily.

"Yes. I like it. I like when you shove your hard cock inside me fast and—"

"What if I want to fuck you slow?" Kame interrupts, because Jin's settled into a groove and Kame's not interested in hearing him recite some porn track he's heard somewhere.

Jin blinks. "I... like any way you want to fuck me," he says slowly.

Better. Hotter, for all its plainness, and Kame exhales slowly, finds an approving smile. He might fuck him hard or slow later, or both; they'll see about that. Right now there's more here, he can feel it. "What do you like about slow?"

"I... I like when I can feel... when I can really feel..." Jin falters, and it just makes Kame want more, makes him sure Jin shouldn't have time to think.

"Feel what? What do you want to feel?"

Jin swallows, looks unsteady. "I like to feel your cock moving slowly in and out of me."

"Why do you like that?" One step closer, and he can feel Jin's breath through his shirt, could feel Jin's naked skin if Kame's clothes weren't between them, and Jin leans back, has to feel Kame's quiet reminder before he remembers himself, lets Kame be as close as he wants to be.

"Because... because it's more intense when it's slow."

There's a little quiver in his voice and Kame doesn't waste a second. "What is intense?" He wants to know, wants to hear it while Jin is pressed against him and feels him hard and ready, knows he'll get what he's asking for.

Jin's face is bright red and he swallows again, hard. "When your cock is... just at the entrance, when you push it open... slowly and—"

"And?" Kame's own voice sounds strangled, no wonder, with that image, but he's got control and he can hear Jin out, he wants to hear this.

"—pull back a bit before sliding it in really slow," Jin gulps a breath; blinks twice. "So I can really feel how long it is, and how thick."

That last bit came easier, sounds rehearsed again, and the fumbling creativity was better. Maybe they should go back to that, maybe they should go with that...

"Let's try slow," Kame decides. "Really slow. You can show me how slow..." Feels it hit him with a rush, a vision of long legs sprawling and trembling, Jin's flushed face when he follows words with actions; and something hits Jin too, Kame can feel the tension in his fist, maybe Jin's not always so slow on the uptake. "Get yourself really ready," Kame breathes, and watches confirmation sink in dark and alluring.

The tension holds; it's a nice little moment. Then Jin says, "You want me to—"

Kame strokes Jin's mouth where his thumb is resting, shakes his head. "You want to."

Jin struggles for… something, but then he just breathes, short and sharp. "Yes." And stops.

"Or don't you?" Kame enquires. It's better if they're both sure.

Jin nods; Kame feels the tug in his grip, small and meek. "Yes, I want to. I want to get myself ready for you."

Kame releases him, takes a step back. "I think that's a great idea," he says. "Would you like to use the bed?"

"Yes," Jin repeats, flat but obliging. "I'd like that."

Kame smiles and indicates the direction of the large, still pristine bed. Jin hesitates about rising but Kame simply nods, that's fine, they can be practical here.

He rearranges the arm chair to his liking, loosens his clothing again. Jin sits down at the bottom of the bed and stays there, as though he knows that his permission only extends so far and it's time for talking again.

"Now what do you want to do?" Kame says.

"I want to lie down," Jin starts. The careful attention is a welcome change of pace; he doesn't lean back, because Kame hasn't told him to. So different.

"Sounds good so far," Kame says, encouraging.

"I want to be on my back, and spread my legs..." Another pause, a question, but no, it's still not enough; there can be more, and Kame will wait until he's heard it all. "...spread them wide," Jin says, with a hitch that makes up for the tonelessness. "So you can see."

"See what?"

"See when I..." He thinks, backtracks; flushed again but fast enough, engaged enough. "Watch me open myself up. For you." Kame nods, waits. "With my fingers." His hands are curled over the edge of the bed, unclenched and elegant, and Kame can't help looking at them because he knows Jin is thinking of them and trying not to hide them; and Kame feels a little breathless.

"Very slowly," Jin adds, when Kame remains silent. "Until I'm ready."

Kame looks at him a moment longer, because Jin is being so good not hiding his eyes from him. But now he's ready – very ready – to see all of that, so he says, "Then you can get started."

Jin keeps up the even stare; more thinking, and finally, "What... how—"

"How do you like to do it?" Kame asks back.

Jin waits, though he looks like he has an answer. "I like it slick. I like it... so when I slide my fingers inside... it's slick and..."

"Easy?" Kame asks, not even minding much, though Jin starts anyway, thoughts flashing unsettled and intriguing through his eyes.

"So that it's really slow," he says after he's rallied. "So I can do it... for a long time... over and over... until I'm really ready," and he swallows, voice dipping a bit but holding steady. "So it stays wet, and if you want to fuck me you can just push in and I'm ready..." He keeps his eyes on Kame, nervously concentrating; doesn't let them flinch down even when Kame drops a hand to his cock that just got harder.

He strokes himself just once, a controlled touch to take the edge off, and then the way Jin's not looking there, not looking with so much focus, makes him do it again. "That's very considerate of you." He smiles at him. "I'll let you do that then."

Jin doesn't move; only a tiny twitch in his brow. "Now?" he asks evenly, patiently almost, like he wants to give Kame a chance to be really sure he's heard enough talking.

"Now would be good," Kame confirms, because he's sure Jin can multitask.

He lets his smile widen as he points his chin up, and Jin gets the message and pushes himself backward, fully onto the bed. Once he's there he stretches left to get lube out of the drawer. He thinks for a moment, then leans back on his elbows, seeks confirmation from Kame.

Kame nods, and Jin lies flat on the sheets; not even a pause and he pulls his feet towards his body, wide apart, opening up a view for Kame.

"Good," Kame says, because Jin can't see his smile now. "And now?"

"I want to get my fingers wet..." A soft little sound as Jin gets what he needs, and Kame can see his arms moving. The empty sachet drops to the clean sheet a moment later. "And I want to touch myself."

He doesn't follow through – perhaps unsure, Kame thinks, perhaps stalling, and he instructs, "So do that."

And Jin moves his hand down; Jin's stomach goes tight with a held breath. Kame feels his own breath clench in him as he watches – muscles shifting in Jin's long pale legs when Jin struggles with balance, lifts enough so he can reach high under one thigh, and up; some awkward adjustment to get... enough reach for those fingers, and Kame puts a still hand over himself, and Jin slides the first testing touch inside.

Not deep; Jin needs to discover the angle first, and Kame presses down on his cock when there's more fumbling, adjustment and why nobody has ever made him do this before... because he looks perfect, stiff limbs and uneven breaths and that finger flexing, his hand trying to find room. The air is hot and Kame stops touching himself long enough to shift his chair a foot closer.

The movement stops.

"You're doing well," Kame tells him, and settles again. Takes in the picture. "Keep going."

And Jin does, a dip and back and then he goes deeper, deep as he can with his wrist trapped like that, and Kame moves his hand on himself with the slide of Jin's finger, slow as promised, shiver-inducing.

"And tell me."

Hesitation, but glossed over fast; Jin is remembering. "It feels slick. It feels..." He breathes in on the slide out; he might not even be aware. "It feels good. Good... to stretch myself. And get ready."

"To do it properly."

"Yes," Jin picks it up. "Slow, and slick, so I'm—"

"You don't get to do that much, do you," Kame says, his voice low but cutting Jin off without trouble, and he knows the answer even before he sees it in the tiny hitch, before it curls fierce and perfect in his blood.

"No." Plain and cold in the end; he's not getting more. But he can insist.


No hesitation this time. "No. Only with you," and Jin can sound as uncaring as he wants to, it doesn't change the fact and how fucking hot he is, like that, stretched out and nobody else... "Only for you, getting ready for your cock, so you can watch me. So you get hard and can fuck me like you want to."

And Kame does want to, wants to show him badly... only this is too good; the slide smoothing out, Jin's body finding a rhythm now, hips rising into his own touch ever so often. "And you like doing it."

Barely a pause. "I like it."

"Why do you like it?" Kame asks, and his voice is hoarse with what he hears and what he sees. Jin's neck is stretched, eyes probably closed but there's enough awareness in Jin's voice to make up for it, enough of his tight, obliging words. "Because I think of your cock, moving like that. And that you're watching me. I like that you can see me getting ready."

"You think you're ready yet?" Kame would be ready, feels more than ready in his hand, but he has patience, he has control, and there's a sheen of sweat on Jin, strain and willingness combined and it'll be worth any wait.

A moment; but Kame thinks his tone was clear enough... and yes, Jin says, "No. I need to be stretched more. Wider."

"So what do you want now?"

"I want to do it with more fingers."

Kame feels warm, his control shakier, but Jin is doing well, so well, and it'll be worth seeing... he can wait a little more. "Then you should."

This is faster, too; almost careless, two fingers pushing in and deep on the first go, Jin's thighs tensing with a higher lift.

"Is that better?" Kame asks, feeling breathless.

"Yes," Jin says at once. "It's better. Thicker," he adds when Kame is silent. "I can feel it more."

"It's good," Kame says.

"It's good. It's what I want." He isn't hard, he's lying, but he's lying so nicely that maybe... much as Kame likes to watch, maybe he can help him out.

He stops touching himself. "You want to feel more?"

"Yes," Jin says, and he has to think again but before he continues Kame is standing and Jin freezes, hand still between his thighs, his fingers inside.

"Maybe I should help you then," Kame says, and he doesn't remember the last time he's done this, doesn't want to remember because he never does this here, but now he can't wait. "Maybe I can do it better."

Jin stares up at him and it's good to be able to see his eyes again, and those lips which he licks again nervously before he manages, "Yes." Kame notices in passing that his hand has dropped away now.

"You can do better than that," he says, not unfriendly, because Jin has given a good show. "What do you want?"

Jin exhales slowly, carefully and still it looks like a dark, seductive shudder. "I want you to put your fingers in me," he says, on what seems to be no air at all.

Kame presses his thumb hard against the head of his cock; he's not ready to come yet, he's not, and he won't. He takes a step and kneels on the bottom of the bed. "Why do you want that?"

It takes time, and two tense swallows working down Jin's throat, and a raised eyebrow from Kame.

"Because you can do it better," Jin says, on a weird rush of breath. "You can stretch me better."

Kame moves forward, waits.

"Because I can feel more."

Another shift and now he's between Jin's legs, can feel his heat around him and can look straight into his eyes when he puts a finger against the back of his thigh and slowly trails it down, and inward.

"What can you feel?"

Still a struggle, though Jin should really know by now, Jin should just— "You," he breathes. "Because I can feel you, in—"

He stops when Kame touches the slick centre, just touches and waits. "Yes?"

"It feels good."

Kame rubs against it a little, just a small circling motion, a warm shiver coiling in his stomach; it's almost new, he hasn't touched anyone like this in so long. "That feels good?"

"Yes." Jin's stomach is all tense again and Kame puts out his other hand, rests it easily just below his navel.

"And?" If Jin wants to play coy with his answers, Kame can be patient.

But then it comes quickly, toneless. "And I want more."

"How do you want more?"

"Inside," Jin says. "I want them inside."

Kame turns his finger a little, circles the other way. "Are you sure now? You know how to ask."

"I'm sure. Please."

He's sure, too; slides two fingers in slow and smooth, and Jin stares straight ahead, blank, unblinking. Kame pauses, concentrates on heat and on not coming and on Jin so tense and tight and it shouldn't even feel like this when it's just his fingers, it shouldn't be so hot.

He sinks deeper. It's wet like Jin promised, Jin's feeling him like he promised, every shift and slide finding an echo in a tight breath, a secret twitch.

He should have done this so much sooner.

All the way in, hard up against Jin, he holds it, for a few beats of a pulse around him, then pulls back, slow, soundless, all the way out, Jin biting his lip.

He strokes the place with his thumb, teasing; holds Jin's eyes. "And?"

Only a moment. The answer is obvious. "I want it again."

He pushes fast all the way this time, Jin's body giving way slick and easy, Jin's hips tilting unconsciously to meet him. And Jin's getting hard.

"You like that," Kame observes; not touching him there, not yet, but Jin knows, has gone still again, breathing tightly. Kame pulls back, with a bit more stretch, and back in, watching Jin's cock fill, watching Jin swallow back sound and think fumbled fleeting thoughts, until Kame just holds and waits.

Jin's motionless, breathing shallow. "I like it."

He's drawing it out, avoiding Kame's eyes, until Kame says, "And?"

"I want it again," Jin says, eyes on the ceiling, skin shining with tension. "Please do it again."

And he can have that; he can have more. Kame shifts his weight, breathes hard through his arousal. Jin is mesmerizing.

"Don't be shy," he whispers after a few slow slides, Jin's hips answering tight, secret, and suddenly Jin freezes. "You can show me."

Jin stares, and holds absolutely still.

Kame pushes once, fingers spreading; waits, and then he does it again; a taut shudder through Jin that has nothing to do with getting fucked, and then something gives, and Jin meets him, pushing into his touch and everything about it is hot and tight and breathtaking.

There's a shiver each time Kame thickens his touch, plays with friction. "You like that a lot," he says, without stopping, and Jin doesn't stop either, flows with it as dark eyes meet Kame's, and there's nothing in them Kame recognizes.

It comes out thick, rough, "Yes. I like it a lot," and a quick intake of breath as he bites off some sound; Kame thinks he'd have liked to hear it, Jin's always so quiet.

"So I'm doing it right," he whispers. Jin's fingers are clenched on the sheets but his legs spread wider when Kame leans forward, nudges... sinks in easily, and something is happening to Jin's body, all those tense lines unravelling, loose now and lost.

"Yes," Jin is saying, head falling to the side, eyes closing but that's all right, there's no distance now, only his touch, and Jin giving up. "Just right. Like I want it."

Kame thinks about reaching for Jin's cock, wants to feel it hot and thickening... but he doesn't even have to, Jin's getting what he needs from his fingers and opening up, breaking down—

He twists his fingers on the next pull out, curling them and trying to brush along the—

Yes. And Jin's eyes are squeezed shut and he's not breathing now, but he's hard, unmistakably, undeniably.

"You like that too?"

No hesitation. No shutting Kame out anymore. "Yes. I like it too." No fight.

He brushes past the right spot again, faster this time, and he's so hard himself, skin prickling with how close he's got Jin. "And?"

"I want more," immediately, "I want it faster," and Kame barely needs to take a breath, "Please do it faster." Hips going with it when Kame obliges, Jin's stomach tightening when he lifts to meet the thrust, and the sight is gorgeous.

"I could make you come like this," Kame says the next time he makes Jin jerk, and there's nothing, not even hesitation.

"Yes. I'd come like this."

"Or when I'm fucking you."

And Jin goes with that too, shimmering and abandoned, red lips parted, dark hair sticking to the side of his face. "I'd come— yes. From your fingers. " Another tilt of his hips, and he's so hot where Kame keeps meeting sweaty skin. "Or from your cock. When you're fucking me."

"What do you want?"

One long breath, a pause; Jin sinks against his hand with a stutter, muscles going tense with shredded concentration. Then his voice is rough and urgent. "I want you to fuck me."

Kame lays his free hand on the inside of Jin's thigh, teases out a shiver that makes him gasp when he feels it around his fingers.

Jin's face is half in the sheets still, but his neck is a sight like this too, tense and available. "Please fuck me. Please…"

It's tempting… so tempting, when Jin is begging for it, when he'd take it and thank him for it and… easy. Too easy, maybe, and too soon for sure, it shouldn't end yet when Jin is finally like this.

Let Jin work for what he wants a bit longer.

Kame pushes at Jin's leg for more room, kneels forward a little, fingers still inside, leans in over Jin and waits until Jin looks at him. He doesn't have to wait long, and Jin's eyes are as lost and dazed as he's ever seen them.

"I'll fuck you later," he promises.

And something goes sharp. Kame's taken aback with how sudden it is, how harsh the focus flares and Jin's not moving, not saying anything, not fighting him off at all but...

"What?" he asks. He liked the honesty, before.

Jin doesn't flinch at his tone. "You can fuck me when you like," he says, his chest rising, still sweaty... settling. "Whenever you like." And the cold stare doesn't waver when he lifts his hips, a nudge on Kame's fingers that feels almost... not right. Different.

He pulls them out slowly, wipes them briefly on the sheet. "Yes," he says, "I can," sliding a hard grip over Jin's thigh as he leans in closer. "But you can do other things for me first."

Jin goes with the prompt, his leg a warm, unresisting presence against Kame's side. "Whatever you like," he says with cool politeness.

But that's not how it will go. Jin's not going to shut him out again, no fucking way. Kame smiles quite invitingly. "Whatever you like, remember?"

Jin's still not moving except for his breath stabilising, his erection fading, tension draining slowly from his body.

"So what do you like?" Kame asks, staying right where he is. "What do you like best, when you're not fucking yourself on my fingers?"

A flicker, a flash of embarrassment at least but then Jin is only thinking and he could be more urgent about it, a bit less like he's got time to—

"Well?" Kame snaps, slides his fingers into Jin's hair, and Jin gets with it.

"I like it when you fuck my mouth. I want your cock in my mouth."

Good. "That's right," he says again, tightening his grip. "And why do you want that?" They'll see how detached Jin can be, how smooth when he'll beg Kame—

"Because I want to taste you."


Jin's better when the answer isn't obvious, when he has to dig around for it. "Because it's what I do best. It's what I'm meant to do." Quite calm, still.

"Aren't you just," Kame says quietly, and Jin takes a small, focused breath. They'll get there. "I could tell. You looked stunning, earlier."

A tiny start, something less cold flaring up in Jin's eyes; he's not happy with the reminder. Kame places his fingertips on Jin's lips just like he did then, his other hand still in Jin's hair, holding him down... but there's no need, Jin doesn't rebel, holds very still.

"You're so perfect for it," he says, holding Jin's eyes. "Bet you like it with anybody." Presses down on the moist red flesh just a bit when there's no answer.

"Yes," Jin says, and nothing more.

"And you must have loved that," Kame pushes on. "Being on your knees for your junior, showing him what you really like." And there's the telltale tension, Jin's breathing careful and quiet, and it starts the rush again, a fierce sweep of want and certainty, and Kame knows he's not going to lose here. "Didn't you," he adds, louder, and there's a flinch, and the reply, words pushed quickly past his fingertips.

"I did. I liked it."

Kame stares down at him. "It's a pity you didn't get to finish. We didn't get to finish." And he's so hard by now with what he's denying himself, with Jin's breath on his thumb.

Quick, quick thoughts flickering behind Jin's eyes. "I'm sorry," is what he finds, and that's good, that's right, a low raspy default Kame can live with just fine.

"So now you want to suck me," he challenges, "after all the fuss you made earlier." He nods over his shoulder, where the armchair is, where Jin brought it all on himself.

More thinking, fast and shadowed, but Kame doesn't feel worried. "Yes. I want it. I want to suck you."

"You won't make a fuss?"

Jin shakes his head against Kame's wrist; freezes. "I won't. I'll be good. I'll do it just the way you like it."

"And you'd know what that would be?" He wants to let go, sit back on his heels but the closer he keeps an eye on Jin the less things go wrong and they're not fully set up here, they should be clear about things. "If I let you? If I give you another chance?"

Jin's throat moves, mouth opening a moment before he makes words. "Yes. I'll show you."


Jin is thinking, images chasing each other and he hits on—

"With— I should be on my knees. I want to be on my knees."

Nice one. Kame gives Jin a smile. It sinks in with a tiny ripple.

"All right," he says, and lets go, sits back. "Let's try again then."

He swings his legs off the bed, this is easy, comfortable. With a nice good view.. Jin is only a little clumsy gathering his limbs together before he sinks to his knees on the floor in front of him.

Kame takes a moment to look. To card his fingers through Jin's hair, to run a hand down his neck. Follow the line of his jaw and watch Jin just stare ahead, breathe calmly, hold still.

He pauses, so Jin looks up at him, and then traces that full bottom lip again with his fingers, until Jin parts his lips wider, full consent. "This is what you want," he says.

Jin breathes, "Yes," past his fingertips.

"You'll show me?" he asks, and god, yes, Jin will. "You'll earn it?"

He moves his fingers to Jin's chin, tilts it up further, and he thinks he sees Jin's jaw clench, but all Jin says is, "Yes. I will. I'll make it good for you."

It's good already, seeing him struggle with it and say it all the same, knowing he'll do it all the same, like there's nothing Kame can't get him to do now.

He smiles and releases Jin, readies himself. "So how do you want to do it?"

"Slow," Jin says. "I'll do it slow. Make it last."

Kame nods. "Make sure you do that." Not that he's sure he's capable of lasting, after all this time... He leans back on his arms, and breathes deep. "Go ahead."

The first instant almost makes him come. He is so ready, has been ready to come for so long, and every time he's close it takes more control to bring himself down, to hold on just a little longer because there are more things he wants to do before this ends. Even now, with Jin's mouth warm and wet around him, wet and yielding like Jin was around his fingers, with the rhythm just right and the teasing flicks of Jin's tongue—

But he can't see his face, not like he could then, so rewarding to watch the attitude fade and learn what he looks like when he's beyond hiding, and now his eyes are shadowed by those bangs again and who knows what he's thinking while he sucks, taking Kame deep, a little jolt going through Kame whenever the tip of his cock hits the back of Jin's throat and another jolt when Jin's lips tighten just under the head, and... he's going to... no.

He reaches out and holds Jin off before he next sinks down, and Jin... responds instantly, calm and accepting, but that openness hasn't come back, not like then, and Kame wants it back, wants...

He clenches his teeth for a moment, clamps down on the thoughts of what he wants Jin to say, what Jin's going to give him, shuts his eyes and rides it out in silence and... okay. Still under control.

"Having fun?" he asks. "In your element?"

"Yes," Jin says evenly, and then, with a glance at Kame's cock, "I can do it harder now. Faster."

And Kame feels sweaty with want, but no, not like that, no way. "Because you want it over?"

"No." Jin shakes his head faintly, as far as Kame's grip allows. "Because you're ready. Because I want to make it good for you." His eyes are unflinching as he adds, "I want you to take me and hold me still, and show me how to make it good."

Kame bites his lip and... did Jin do that on purpose, is he hoping to make him come early just by talking at him?

"There's time for that," he says sharply. "We've got all night."

He keeps hold of Jin, waits for it to sink in, for Jin to blink once, nervously. "Yes," Jin says quietly.

"So show me how much you are enjoying it," Kame says. He eases up on Jin's hair, gives him just enough leeway and god, Jin gets it, leaning forward with his eyes on Kame for as long as he can, touching nothing but the head of Kame's cock with his tongue. A slow, respectful lick, and round the other way, licking off the precome; before he straightens again. Licks his lips, and Kame sucks in a panicked breath. Manages to hold on just barely, and it takes a moment, two...

...and maybe Jin was planning on that, too, hoping Kame would lose it, maybe he feels in charge now, and maybe Kame should just give him what he wants, give it to him for real, and more.

"Hard, then," he says, doesn't wait for Jin to catch up, tightens his grip and holds him down, pushes up and lets him have it.

Once, twice, Jin takes it fast and messy and soon it's enough, soon Kame is clutching the edge of the mattress with the hand that's not in Jin's hair and it's not long now, he can't, and he wants to see, Jin's eyes and the way he'll give at last, wants to make him give if he doesn't, and he stops, pulls out, panting.

"What do you want now?" he asks, holding his cock steady and holding Jin in place and it looks just right.

"I want you to come in my mouth," Jin says immediately, not moving, but his lips part and he wants to go down again, wants to take him deep and lower his eyes...

"I don't think you do," Kame says, and his arms are locked, firm.

And there's the flash of understanding, Jin goes rigid and god, yes, and thank god it will be soon.

"I..." Jin falters; stares. Nothing about him clever now, no hiding, those wet soft lips that make no sound and his eyes blinking fast, defenseless.

"Tell me."

A breath; a thought that runs off to nowhere and Kame leans forward, can feel the flinch against his fist. Jin is hot between his legs and trapped and they're hot and close and this is going to happen, they know it both.

"I'm going to do it anyway," he breathes, so close he can feel the heat of Jin's face. "But if you ask for it, I'm going to let you wash it off." He doesn't know where it comes from, it's weird and wild in his own ears but for a moment he can see it, can see Jin believe it, Jin with streaks of come drying on his face and in his hair, getting fucked, getting to please Kame more as the night Kame bought stretches out, it's right there in Jin's wide eyes, dirty and hot, and Kame can just about stop himself, and then Jin says it.

"I want you to come on my face."

Naked and rough and small, and it's blazing through Kame, he's shaky with it and breathing hard and Jin isn't breathing at all, all tense and brittle edges.

"Fine," Kame says, voice burning like the rest of him. "You can help me out then."

He keeps his grip tight, keeps Jin's eyes where he wants them, and Jin gets it, gets it despite that struggle there, like he wants to fight except he won't.

His hand is shaking when he raises it, those long pale fingers wrapping around him carefully... and Kame is so ready, even more when he covers Jin's hand and shows him how, shows him not to try anything funny but he won't because he gets no time, it's so good and fast and Kame is so, so close—

And Jin breathes out and that's all, that's it, just Jin's eyes and the choking little breath and Kame presses tight around Jin's hand for the last stroke and he comes, comes so hard he can barely keep his eyes open to watch Jin flinch with the first spurt, white splatters on his cheek and hair right by Kame's wrist, and Kame bites back any sound because he wants to hear everything. And the next one hits near Jin's mouth, and the next on his chin, and Jin is still now and silent, staring somewhere through him.

It's quiet. Quiet, except for Kame's harsh breathing, his body wild and airless. Jin's hair is damp in his grip, damp like Kame's skin under the hot surges; Jin's body warm and tame between his legs as need and drive stutter away in helpless little shocks.

Finally the sharpness fades.

Jin... sticky white tracks down his face, swollen lips and those dark, shuttered eyes...



Kame breathes. It felt good. He hasn't come like that in... he isn't sure. His thoughts feel slow, unsteady.

That... was something... Weird. Amazing. Weirdly amazing.

He lets go of Jin's hand, and Jin lowers it without a word.

It was good to have him like this. Better than anything they've had before. And Jin shows no sign of wanting to move, and that's fine, too, it's what Kame wanted. He had to work hard for it. His arm feels heavy, but he reaches out anyway; they were doing something here, making a point.

Jin starts at the movement, stiffens when Kame draws his thumb through the slippery smear beside his mouth, spreads it over fine skin...

...sees thoughts speed up and sharpen and blaze with— and Jin takes a slow breath, and then he just waits, waits for Kame to do whatever he likes, eyes on Kame's face. It would be uncomfortable if there was any challenge but there's none, there's nothing now, and Kame doesn't know what he was hoping for.

But it was hot. And it is hot, having Jin so obedient, it's what he's wanted, and he'll want more of it. Only... Later, maybe. They have all night.

Kame sits back, feeling heavy and slow, rubs lingering stickiness between his fingers. He could get Jin to... yes, he could. Maybe they don't have to prove it when it's so clear. He wipes his hand on his trousers instead.

He jerks his head sideways for Jin to get out of the way, because it's getting too warm. Then he tucks himself in carelessly, just so he doesn't look ridiculous.

He feels dizzy when he stands, blood going to his legs like another aftershock because... well, it was intense, and they dragged it out forever. He's damp and sensitive under his clothes. Sure, this part feels more natural when you're naked, stretched out on the smooth sheet. He'll feel more normal, feel nothing but warmth and satisfaction once he's had a shower, after...

Jin is kneeling where he left him, not moving. Proper deference, though he can't like it much. Kame wonders if he gets it more often, if other people look at him and want to know how well he'll take it, if they can get him to beg... and he stops, because he doesn't want to think of other clients and what they do or don't do, and he doesn't have to, this is all part of the deal. New, for Kame, he can't remember even being curious but... part of the deal, part of Jin's job.

He wipes his hands again, down his shirt, just sweat now, before he opens the mini bar.

A full rest. And he promised Jin... It's hard to think clearly with his legs weird and tired from orgasm, to imagine fucking Jin in any pleasurable detail, but that's what rests are for, of course, they can take their time. Cool off, recover, see what they're in the mood for then.

He leans against the polished wood, holds the water bottle without opening it. Thinks and stares at the display... It's worth staring at, of course, Jin is gorgeous, the most stunning... But Kame doesn't make comparisons. Jin works for this. This works for them, they've just shown how good it can be. And they're done for now, taking a break, and Kame can be true to his word.

"You can go wash up now," Kame says, finds his voice low and scratchy with exhaustion. But no wonder; he had to be focused for so long.

Jin gets up without a sound, and he's beautiful to just watch quietly, thick hair a tangled curtain around his face, those long legs unfolding forever; a still moment before his shoulders straighten and he slowly turns to face Kame fully.

"Take a shower if you want," Kame specifies, because he's not unreasonable, and that's a reasonable course of action for all concerned. He's going to have a plan before Jin comes out, figure out how he wants to spend the rest of the night, and... "You can run me a bath while you're in there." That'll feel good, too; they have these fancy jacuzzi tubs, and why not make use of the room, after Yuuya picked a decent one.

"Yes," Jin says, turns away towards the bathroom door, and suddenly Kame draws in an easy breath.

He gulps down some water straight from the bottle, then leaves it on the bar. Uses the toilet and washes his hands, and the room looks big and empty somehow when he returns. Sometime, he doesn't know when, the music stopped; but even in the quiet, he can't hear the sounds of the shower, or the bathtub filling, because discretion is built into this place. But he knows Jin will do what he's told, and he can get out of his clothes now, stop feeling sticky, and weirdly in costume. They keep bathrobes in the slim wardrobes, and he usually wears those when an evening runs long.

This wasn't part of his plans for the night, and he needs to be practical for a moment, too.

Once he's wrapped in dry pleasant fabric, he calls the concierge to arrange to have his clothes cleaned, and then puts them outside the door in a bag. It'll take two hours and there's nothing weird about it, they're geared up for guests to make engagements impulsively, unprepared for an overnight stay.

When he almost trips over Jin's clothes he picks them up and drops them over a chair.

He stops before the bed, its sheets creased at the center, the empty sachet looking stark where Jin dropped it. Darker traces of lube, messy lines where he pressed between Jin's legs and made him twist and quiver, clench his hands into the sheets as he pushed himself blind and needy onto—

He perches on the very edge, tapping his fingers on clean, white cotton. Not his usual thing, to do that with an escort. It's not necessary, and not something he'd say he enjoys, except he did, when Jin got all lost.

So Jin likes that a lot. Weird, that he'd get in such a state over it, when he's got to do all kinds of stuff, all kinds of guys, who won't exactly ask him...

Maybe not so weird.

Weirder, maybe, that Kame should care about finding out what will make him lose it, so much that he can't stop prodding, wanting to see just how far he can push. That it would make him want to... god, he shouldn't be blushing. He did it, and he liked it, and Jin took it and that... is that.

It can't be ten minutes yet. He shouldn't be impatient. There's no reason to be, it's not like he's uncomfortable, there's nothing for him to wash off except some sweat.

And he won't pace, stays where he is, stretches his naked feet over thick cream carpet.

It's just that he's feeling tired, maybe from all that intensity, coming so hard after so much concentration... different. Different from sex with Tatsuya or Takuya or any others, sex he likes just fine. And he doesn't dwell on it because he doesn't make comparisons... how would you compare Jin, anyway? But this... this isn't something he's always been looking for and has finally found. It's an exception, and he's feeling exhausted.

At least he got something out of it, something new and unusual, and hot water and some time to rest will settle him fully, let him sink into the welcome slackness of a normal date night.

He hears the click of the lock, at last, and turns. Jin, a towel wrapped around his hips, is approaching with measured steps as Kame rises and turns to tell him—

It hits him like a wall. Like a wave of water, hard and boiling and sucking him under and... he can't stop staring, and he can't move, and he can't breathe. He doesn't know what it is, only those eyes, and the high forehead, almost square with all hair brushed back and dark strands just curling at the edges, and it's wrong, it's like vertigo, lengths and depth and time jarring and messed up, and he can't stop staring...

Jin's eyes, and they're wide again and searching and safe.

"You told me to go take a shower."

Kame unfreezes, because he's standing here with Jin and he's not going to act like a weirdo while Jin is watching him like that, he's not going to give Jin any reason to laugh at him or make snide comments or...

Jin is hardly breathing. He wouldn't have the air to laugh.

"Yeah," Kame says, and just looks down, doesn't look anymore, needs to get it together and thank god he's spent long nights with escorts before, thank god he knows how to be smooth. He mentions the TV, and food, and even the bath, and then he's in there and he closes the door, locks the door, and waits for his heart to stop pounding in his ears.

What the fuck.

Warm air settles damp on his skin, more sweat and slow thickness but the fogginess is soothing, calms him down.

He slips out of the bathrobe and lets it drop, wraps a shaky grip around a handrail meant for men older and frailer than him.

The first step in feels too hot, well past the point of pleasant but he doesn't care, he can focus on that and ease himself in, and when he's sitting and leaning back, exhaling with the water pressing on his chest, he feels better. Almost anchored.

What the fuck.

Jin wasn't mocking him. Jin was so far from mocking him, Kame doesn't even know where the thought came from. It's just... suddenly it was there because Jin was suddenly there and...

And that's idiocy. Because Jin belongs here, he works here, and Kame knows he's here.

He sinks under once, gets his hair properly wet. It gets rid of the sticky clamminess.

But all this weirdness with him, every time they run into each other... maybe that's why. Maybe all those things he suddenly wants to do, all those wild crazy urges are what's making him see ghosts.

Maybe there's a reason he's never felt the need to experiment before; maybe some saving instinct in him knew better.

He lays his head back on the rim, keeping his eyes on the fragile pastel patterns painted on the ceiling.

He nearly ended up in a fucking threesome tonight. When did that ever happen to him?

Yuuya looked at him funny.

He pulls up sharp, stops that train of thought; he didn't ask Jin to run him a bath so he could freak out and let a tired brain run away with him.

Experimentation. Everybody does it. So now Kame's done it too. And maybe it worked, for a bit, but he doesn't need it, doesn't have to indulge if it makes him feel weird and fucks with his perception.

He should have brought a drink. He could do with one, to slow his thoughts down, take the edge off the uncertainty he doesn't want to deal with when Jin is out there and they have half a rest left to go, and he can't very well pack up and say he can't handle Jin...

His knees make soft splashy sounds when he shifts them around, lets them cool for a moment before pulling them back under, enjoying the sensation, watching the sunk ceiling lights reflect off the ripples until they calm.

It helps to be in here, to relax. Figure out what he wants.

And Jin... Jin isn't going to be difficult, not really, they've established that, and what goes on in Jin's head is his own business. Why should Kame care. Maybe it can work just like normal, like it would with someone else who isn't Tatsuya or Takuya.

He's tired anyway. He can go easy on himself – on them both if Jin will let him – and then no strange moments, no weird crazy panic can sneak up on him... He knows how to do this.

He lets his arms float, and waits to feel the lightness.


Chapter 16


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