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The Same Deep Water As You

by Solo & Jo

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Chapter 14


Friday 03 October

"This is going to be such fun," Yuuya says when the elevator stops. He sneaks over a glance that goes well with the statement, like he's quite eager to find out what Kame looks like under his clothes. It flicks on to Jin with the same interest, and Kame smiles to himself. It's nice to know they're on the same wavelength.

He had almost forgotten how good it can be to have an eager and lively partner. He gestures for Yuuya to lead the way; he hasn't been to room three before. Hasn't done other things before, and he tries not to let his mind run away with them, intends to take it one step at a time.

Once out of the elevator, Yuuya takes an immediate left – a corner room, which makes sense given the number; it'll be one of the superior rooms with wide windows down both walls.

Yuuya stops outside the door, key held out subtly in case Kame considers it his prerogative, but Kame just nods. Jin is hanging around behind them, wordless and morose. Kame steps aside when the door opens, directs Yuuya and Jin in first.

It's pretty nice; large windows and a generous bar, two leather couches and a wide arm chair in the far corner where you can sit and chat, if you need the warm-up. Kame is pretty sure they don't. They stop in the middle and Yuuya takes in the room with a little bit of pleasure, but without pretending he's never been in one of these before.

Jin looks blank and unimpressed, as always; Kame watches him a bit longer because that's part of what Jin's here for, for being looked at, and later for other things that won't leave him quite so— There's a snap through Jin, sudden alertness.


Yuuya is by the cabinet with the small and tasteful stereo, where CD selections stand next to half a row of more or less erotic DVDs behind a demure little door. He's put on something instrumental Kame doesn't recognize, full of soft bass and slow Latin beats, and shoots Kame a conspiratorial smile.

"Do you like that? It's one of my favourites."

Kame nods easily. "Good choice," he says, and since there are three of them here and one isn't playing his part, the part he gets paid for, he turns back to Jin, whose statue-like ineptitude is even more noticeable when there's a seductive rhythm enveloping them all. "Don't you think so, Jin?"

"Yes," Jin says. "Good."

Kame waits, but there's nothing more. Just silence and awkward stiffness. But it's fine, they'll have that stripped off him in no time.

"Kamenashi-san..." And that's Yuuya, who has moved back towards them, all grace and good humour. He steps closer than before; Kame can smell his aftershave, a blend of citrus and herbs. "You must be warm."

He reaches out slowly, slow enough for Kame to stop him, until his fingertips brush Kame's neck, a light and confident touch that reminds him of when Tatsuya does this for him, and then Yuuya slips down to his tie, and why not, it's fast but Kame has no problem with fast and he lifts his chin just a little to make it—

"I'll do that." Jin, sounding harsh and urgent, and Yuuya's hands drop uncertainly, his eyes darting to Jin who has come alive, is moving, into Kame's space. He gives Yuuya a skewed smile before he takes his place and lifts his hands. They're trembling, but at least he's doing something, for once.

Is being careful about it, not rushing or fumbling, and quiet; so quiet. Kame has to watch Jin's chest to see the slow, tense breath in, and then he watches Jin's face again, that mouth up close, Jin's focused frown, and Kame can't wait for Jin to look up when he's this dutiful.

The tie sliding off feels like a slow burning tease. Then Jin breathes, raises his head, and Kame stares back and lets him see all his anticipation.

Jin touches his collar, the first button; waits. Good of him, Kame thinks, he's learning, and stops Jin with a hand over his; stops Jin all over. "I think that's enough for now."

Hard to say what Yuuya made of being overruled like that; when Kame glances towards him, he looks his normal cheerful self, like he enjoyed watching them. Maybe he's used to Jin's strange moods. His glances towards Jin certainly carry no animosity, and Kame is sure that if he asked Yuuya to remove Jin's tie, he'd be delighted.

He thinks he will.

But first, he steps away, to the bar, and pours himself a splash of whisky. When he asks who else would like a drink Yuuya, predictably, goes for orange juice. Jin chooses orange juice, too, and Yuuya picks up both their glasses and takes one over to Jin. It earns him a faint smile.

Kame gives them a moment to sip their drinks and remains silent when Jin, the only one still in a full suit, loses his jacket. Then, nudging the single armchair to face into the room, he takes a seat, and says, "Yuuya, I think Jin is warm, too."

Yuuya looks pleased at the prompt; and if he glances at Jin in brief enquiry, well, Kame is not unreasonable, these things work better with some basic communication. Except Jin, looking warm like Hokkaido in winter, takes his own sweet time to show any sort of co-operation. Then it's a brief nod, hardly worth waiting for, and maybe next time they won't.

Yuuya sways a little with the music as he undoes the knot on Jin's tie; easy touches of hips and legs which could deepen the mood if there were any sort of response. He stretches a little to whisper something to Jin, who nods again, a bit less tardy this time but just as tight, and then Yuuya's smile fades softly when he reaches up to brush their lips together.

It's brief, barely more than a tease before Yuuya comes down again, shoots Kame a look with his eyes sparkling, his face nearly touching Jin's. Kame nods obligingly, isn't going to think any further about how the slow gentleness is making his hands itch. He's paying for a show and Yuuya is right to want to give him one, and it's not like he's getting much support from Jin. It's up to Kame to encourage him.

Yuuya seems encouraged enough, and the next kiss is longer and a bit more intent, and, all right, Jin is finally unfreezing, lips moving slow and careful, shy, like they have any innocence left. When Yuuya draws him into an embrace, all the while mindful of Kame's view, Jin goes as far as putting a hand on Yuuya's hip, and his eyes close fast when Yuuya leaves a light trail of touch along his cheek, and down. Sensitive neck, Kame notes.

Yuuya has stepped in more, his hips closer to Jin's now, and there's a little wiggle to a soft pulse of drums and Jin... responds, timidly, and Kame watches him drop his head and— is that a smile? Yuuya gives a small happy shiver as Jin nuzzles his way up below his ear, whispers something, dark hair falling over hazel; and Yuuya nods, then remembers Kame and bends his neck back for the picture; a pretty picture, Yuuya yielding and swept back in the circle of Jin's arms, but it isn't one Kame is desperate to see.

Still, he gives Yuuya an approving look because at least he's trying, trying to engage Kame when Jin wants to shut him out. Kame wants him to know he appreciates it, particularly when Yuuya's initiative will be so helpful throughout. If Jin wants nothing to do with Kame that's fine for now, Kame and Yuuya can handle this, handle Jin, between them.

Kame stops fondling his glass, leans into the side of the armchair. "I..." And swallows back the urge to clear his throat, but Yuuya is looking at him readily, attentive and willing, and there's no reason not to say what he wants. "You could show me a bit more," he says, his face warming despite himself. "You could take his shirt off."

It prompts no change in Yuuya or his professional enthusiasm, but it looks different already when he runs his hands up Jin's arms and gets to work on Jin's shirt. When the front is done, Jin obediently bends up his arms between them for Yuuya to undo the cuffs, and then there's a firm tug as Yuuya pushes the shirt off his shoulders. Kame draws in a breath, and spreads his legs a bit against the surge of heat that comes from seeing Jin handled with such confidence.

He should have done that last time, instead of making Jin strip.

Jin still isn't helping, but at least he's following instructions and Yuuya is making up for it, drawing the fabric of a sleeve down Jin's arm in a way that's almost gentle, almost unfitting for their purpose; but Jin looks so fascinating being slowly revealed like this, Kame can hardly rush Yuuya on, can hardly tell him to hurry when he walks slowly around Jin, stripping off the shirt with sensual touches.

"He looks good, doesn't he?" Kame asks, watching over the rim of his whisky.

Yuuya seems to think for a second, but then he looks sideways at Kame with a knowing tilt of his head, a smile. "Yes, he does." He lays a hand on Jin's naked back, bunched up fabric in the other, and leaves a kiss on Jin's shoulderblade, lets his hand run up and around, smooth with skill and music.

Naturally, it takes Jin a moment to conclude it might be desirable to participate. When he does, it's an awkward reach for Yuuya's hips, because Yuuya has stepped close enough to touch, neat shirt and tie against Jin's skin, and it doesn't even jar the image that Yuuya is shorter, not with the way Jin's hands fall by his sides when Yuuya slides an open palm over his stomach, or when Yuuya takes charge of his other arm to get the shirt all the way off.

"He feels good, too, doesn't he?"

Yuuya drops the shirt to the ground; another smile; another kiss. "He feels really good," and there might be a blush, or maybe that's for show, but Kame can see Jin swallow. He knows how good Jin can feel, too.

Then Jin tilts his head sideways, away from Kame, and it opens up his neck, looks beautiful and inviting, but the way Jin's eyes are averted isn't, the way that's just convenient for Jin isn't, and... Yuuya, a kiss, and a whisper, and Kame doesn't like whispers but he watches Jin's tension and his nod, one after the other, and when Yuuya moves next, hands playing idly on Jin's naked chest, there's momentum to go with it, a subtle little turn and Jin is in plain view and open before him and that... that's better.

Yuuya checks with Kame over Jin's shoulder, and Kame nods. Much better.

He sinks back a little, watching Yuuya's fingers trail across Jin's skin, no whispers now and no wavering, circling a nipple before moving to the other, dipping into the belly button and trailing up to the hollow at the throat again... Kame's fingers tingling with the memory of smooth warmth, and he leans back further in the arm chair, brings the glass to his mouth again and— meets Jin's eyes.

Not even a pretense of abandonment, no sign of getting with the program, Kame is being watched. And maybe there's no challenge, maybe there's no real focus but those eyes are on him nonetheless, dark and wary as usual.

Yuuya's fingers move lower, lower still, are teasing at the waistband of Jin's pants and Kame thinks Jin's breath stops but the eyes don't waver, and...

...Kame doesn't like this. And he should be the one touching there, he knows just how to touch to get the results he wants.

He sets his glass on the side table and rises. Hasn't noticed he's fast until he takes in the fact that both Jin and Yuuya have stopped moving, are watching him. There's a smile on Yuuya's face as he disengages from Jin to make room for him.

Jin swallows, once; doesn't take his eyes off Kame for a moment; but when he takes a breath he looks almost welcoming, for Jin, and whatever the reason, it's an improvement.

Not that Jin matters much; he and Jin know where they stand with each other. Yuuya is the one who is trying so hard, who is keeping things professional and doesn't need Kame to mess that up for him any more than he needs Jin's antics. Yuuya is the one who likes Kame and is sophisticated enough to appreciate an interesting new idea. Kame smiles at him again, just for good measure.

And Yuuya steps back, and Kame's hands are on Jin, and there it is, the warm and the smooth and the soft and the shiver underneath it all. He could reach down now, and in thirty messy seconds he'd have him... but no. Not this time. It's enough to know.

Instead, he runs both hands over Jin's shoulders, pulls him down and closes in for a kiss, Jin's lips opening obediently under his. He lets his hands wander down, and down, skimming the sharp hipbones and... there's the belt, and a quick pull sorts that.

"Yuuya," he says, and Yuuya is right there, waiting for whatever Kame might want.

Kame doesn't know what he wants. What does he want with Yuuya? Professionalism, that's what. But this... this isn't about that, and—

"I'm feeling a little warm, too," Yuuya says, not intruding, just helping out, presenting options and sounding good-humoured about it, warm like the music and yes, good point.

Kame throws him a friendly glance while he keeps his hands on Jin. "We really should do something about that."

Yuuya is attractive, there can be no doubt about that, and the self-confidence magnifies that exponentially. "Would you like me to remove some clothes?" he says to Kame. "Or would you like to do it?"

Kame considers. "Jin can take off your shirt. Then you can take off his pants."

He stands by while Jin strips the shirt off Yuuya, artless and functional, looking vaguely apologetic about it.

Half-naked, Yuuya still moves as though he were dressed for a formal dinner, without the slightest self-consciousness. It reminds Kame of Tatsuya again. A complete difference from Jin's hangdog attitude if he's so much as asked to take off his tie.

Kame indicates his approval and makes sure his glances linger on Yuuya for a while; it's not that he doesn't appreciate his looks, only that he has something else on his mind and—

Yes; Yuuya hasn't forgotten. Yuuya doesn't forget, there's none of the embarrassment of having to ask for things twice. He shoots Kame a quick smile and then he's in front of Jin, at just enough of an angle that Kame can observe well, and there's a quick exchange of glances, too fast for Kame to put a stop to, and Yuuya picks up where Kame left off.

The belt slides through the loops, and Yuuya lets the end trail leisurely over the carpet before he drops it altogether. Next is the button, and he steps closer to Jin, a soft kiss on his shoulder to mask any fumbling, and when Yuuya steps back again there's the subtle sound of a zipper to go with it.

Yuuya goes down with it, on his knees, and there's a vague fumbling movement of Jin's hands, touching shoulders, hair, then not touching at all, hands dangling by his sides as Yuuya slides down pants and underwear in one, and Jin doesn't wait to be told, just steps out of it all when the time comes, impassive.

If you ignore the negativity, he's gorgeous.

He isn't hard. He doesn't have to be, not for this, not for... no. Not for anything that might happen next. Kame thinks he has some idea of how this might go. It's time Yuuya got a piece of the action, anyway.

"Now you," he says, encouraging. If he leaves it to Jin, it might take half a brooding eternity.

Yuuya flashes him a knowing grin; slides his hand down his belly and inside his pants until there can be no doubt what the fingers are touching, takes a deep, teasing breath, and uses the other hand to peel the layers of clothing away. He pulls once at his erection, still faint, and then lifts his hand to let Kame see while the fabric drops softly to the floor.

Kame lets his gaze wander appreciatively down his body, and back up. "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, too."

"I am, Kamenashi-san. I really am." It seems genuine the way no amateur acting ever could, and the thought warms him.

"This..." – he nods a bit shyly, he's not used to referring to people's hard-ons directly – "this could be just what we need."

Yuuya gives him a questioning look, drops a hand towards it. "You want me to—"

"No," Kame says. "We can do better than that." Jin looks fit to contribute something here, looks like he should have something to do besides stare blankly ahead. "Jin can help you." A good thing Kame knows just how. "He's very good with his mouth."

Nothing, from Jin; nothing at all but that's hardly surprising, and Kame turns and smiles at—

Yuuya is blinking, eyes flickering from Jin's face to Kame's just in time, and then back, and what the hell is this?

Jin is hopeless, so Kame waits for Yuuya, for him to catch on that there's a client here, waiting. "Is there a problem?"

Yuuya remembers to look at Kame, remembers to smile, at least he doesn't take as long, but if Kame ends up with another one like... Jin's attitude can't be contagious, can it? It's not some outrageous proposition, it's nothing Kame will even feel coy about.

He catches movement of Jin's head out of the corner of his eye, an awkward smile when he checks, and god, if Yuuya starts going to Jin for directions they might as well not bother.

"Of course not," Yuuya says, but his eyes are shifting to Jin again, as if Jin is calling the shots when Yuuya should know better, too, should be working with Kame here.

And it had been going so well, Yuuya's cheerful willingness such a restful change from the endless resentment, the judging of every request Kame makes.

"Are you really sure now," Kame says pointedly, ignores the not even subtle nod from Jin he catches out of the corner his eye. "I wouldn't like to inconvenience you."

But Yuuya's already turned back to Kame, smile bright now and steady, as he repeats, "Of course there's no problem, Kamenashi-san."

All right. "I'm glad to hear it," Kame says, and if this means they're back on the same page, he really is; he doesn't want Yuuya to be uncomfortable because Yuuya is smoother than that, deserves better, whereas Jin... doesn't really, but Kame turns to him anyway. "Jin?" He doesn't bother keeping the sharpness out of his voice. Jin can stop gesticulating and making faces, use speech like a sentient being.

Jin has that wary look back, and just as well that it suits him, with the dark eyes and the lips already parted, and why would Yuuya even hesitate...

"There's no problem," Jin says quietly; inches forward as if to prove it but stops, hands just rising towards Yuuya. Stops and looks sideways, asks, good, and Kame nods slowly, curious to see what it will do, and Jin places careful hands on Yuuya's chest, light touch trailing down to a flat and smooth stomach, and then Jin kneels.

Yuuya helps him, holding himself steady, and for once Jin is fast, opening his mouth and taking him inside.

It's a rush just to see, clear and undiluted and without being distracted by the touch itself. Jin's hair falling forward, his head moving rhythmically, and the cock that's getting hard fast, shining wet whenever Jin's mouth pulls back, and Kame reaches to adjust himself in his pants and then leaves his hand there, nothing much, just a bit of pressure. Soon. Jin can take care of that soon, too, he'll feel even better after some warm-up, slicked up and ready and knowing what he's good for.

Yuuya gives a little gasp, a small thrust of the hips, instinctive and natural. He meets Kame's eyes, then looks down bashfully. That strange hesitation... But perhaps he's feeling underappreciated – Kame admits he gets distracted by the attractions of Jin's body. It just takes him a step, and he slides a hand up Yuuya's arm, down his front, and Yuuya smiles at him.

Kame moves in closer, lets his gaze follow his hand, a flutter of breath he can feel under his palm. Yuuya leans a bit when they're touching, welcoming and soft, and the little turn that presses his hip against Kame's hard-on is just right, makes him stroke Yuuya's back with his other hand, but what he's looking at is Jin's mouth and Jin's cheeks hollowing around a full erection; and Jin's closed eyes, one frown line between them which Kame smoothes over, easy and without distracting Jin from his work, before he lets his fingers touch Jin's lips.

"Slow down," he says, feels Jin falter under his touch and then... slow, yes, pulling back, all tension and restraint, and good, there's something about Jin not taking forever to get with an order. "We're in no rush." He allows himself an unhurried little grind, too, and runs his other hand up to the nape of Yuuya's neck, asking him, "If that's all right with you."

Yuuya's smile is easy, coming with a soft little pant. "Fine," he says, pressing back cautiously against Kame's shoulder. "That's fine by me."

They're finding a soft rhythm now, Jin taking Yuuya in to the slow beats of the music, Kame's hips pushing just in sync with the feel of Yuuya's cock sliding past those lips, past Kame's fingertips, and Yuuya the steady centre, easy thrusts forward meeting Jin, soft moves back out providing pressure for Kame.

Then Yuuya turns his head and his lips are parted, a pink, quick flick of his tongue and an intent look at Kame's mouth and... yes, they can do that. Kame leans in and licks his way around Yuuya's lips once before dipping his tongue inside, and Yuuya makes a happy little sound, opens up and sinks against Kame more heavily without ever missing a beat in his rhythm, and Kame is getting warmer in his clothes.

Yuuya feels nice, very nice, wet touches soft and skilful, but Kame can't see Jin any more and he closes his eyes while he lets the kiss go on, listening for the sounds to accompany the sensation in his fingertips, and Yuuya gives another little moan and...

"What does it feel like?" Kame asks, breaking the kiss just a little. "Tell me what it feels like to fuck his mouth."

A tiny halt in the rhythm, then Yuuya laughs a little, or maybe it's another pant, and he thinks for a moment. "I'm really turned on now," he says in a low voice. "I like kissing you, too."

His lips remain parted, a clear invitation for Kame to take him up on that last statement, but that's not what Kame is interested in now.

"Have you had him before?" he asks idly, running his fingers slowly down Yuuya's spine when there is no reply. "Or did you wonder... did you want to try him out?"

Yuuya stares ahead without words for a moment, maybe gathering himself, understandable when Jin's on his knees in front of him, before he leans his head further into Kame's shoulder. "Usually people have me like that," he says, blissful sigh turning into a flirty smile, and there's a little grind of his hips against Kame's erection. "Or try me out for other services."

Kame is sure that he performs them all well, but he won't be distracted. "Is this a nice treat, then? Is he doing it right?"

"It feels very good, Kamenashi-san," Yuuya says obligingly, if rather vaguely, closing his eyes prettily for a stroke or two.

"His mouth is hot, isn't it?" he asks more pointedly.

And thinks he sees movement of Jin's hands on Yuuya's hips but when he focuses nothing seems changed, nothing going on, just the soft fall of Jin's hair and the in and out of Yuuya's cock, slow as he told them to, and Yuuya says, "Yes, Kamenashi-san, it is."

"And he makes it wet enough?"

"Yes," Yuuya says, eyes flickering up to Kame's face before he sighs again. "Wet, and hot."

"Tell me how he's sucking you," Kame says, wants more than two words this time. "How do you like it, do you want to do him harder?"

Definitely movement, tiny little strokes of Jin's fumbling hands, and Kame wouldn't even have noticed if he hadn't been glancing down to see if Jin showed any reaction at all.

"He's sucking just like I like it," Yuuya says. "I like it when it's steady, I like getting it slow." Kame can recognize bland phrases when he hears them. "How do you like it, Kamenashi-san?" Yuuya follows up, breath warm on Kame's neck, hips moving again against Kame's and this time it's intrusive, it's not appropriate.

"For now," he says, "I just like to watch. The two of you look excellent together. And watching him... like this... doesn't he look like he's meant for this?"

He's been looking out, he catches the movement, whatever Jin thinks he's doing, and he reaches out, stops it with a tight grasp around one wrist, and Jin flinches and stills entirely.

"He's beautiful," Yuuya says, faint in his ear because Kame is looking down and Jin looks caught and trapped and hot, and Kame applies some pressure until he gets it and his lips slide back and off, naked and wet.

The drums are still pulsing, beckoning, weird when nobody stirs.

"What are you doing?" Kame asks sharply, sees Jin flinch again.

There's no answer.

"He doesn't need your help."

Yuuya goes tense against him, an awkward shift as he takes his own weight again, and great, trust Jin to mess them all up. Kame pats Yuuya on the shoulder and keeps his eyes on Jin, won't have him sneak in any funny nudges and glances when he thinks Kame isn't looking.

Then he remembers to let go of Jin's wrist, uncurls his fingers one by one, and watches as Jin lets his hand sink; watches some more as Jin is... thinking, Kame hopes, remembering Kame doesn't let him get away with things; is still watching when something slow and dark flickers through those wide eyes, and Jin draws his hands behind his back.

Kame breathes, slow against Yuuya's warm presence. He didn't ask for that, but he's inclined to be forgiving just this once.

Yuuya is quiet; warm and sweaty and... hard enough now, Kame just needs a minute to think, too, and not let the way Jin is looking up at him distract him forever, because Jin looks good no matter what you do with him and there will be other sights for Kame to appreciate... yes. Yes, like that.

And then Jin leans forward just a bit, so slowly it takes Kame a moment to see where it's going; cautiously at least, but Kame doesn't need his interference and he doesn't need to be reminded of Yuuya's erection, either; not at all.

This time he reaches for Jin's hair. "You'd like that, wouldn't you."

Jin goes absolutely still; doesn't even blink, until the silence stretches and he licks his lips, quickly and not seductively, but it's not Kame's problem if he gets all flustered, Jin could have just stayed put.

"Only if you'd like me to." Jin's voice is a whisper.

"I think Yuuya's had enough of that now," Kame says, and he's ready for it; when Jin's eyes snap to Yuuya, he tightens his grip in Jin's hair and Jin stops that at once. "Isn't that right, Yuuya," Kame adds, and he knows better than to take his eyes off Jin for even a moment.

"I'm very happy to continue with something else," Yuuya says beside him, picking up the right cues just like a professional should. He starts moving against Kame a little again, not an unreasonable show of initiative, and Kame makes sure there's no harshness in it when he takes a small step away, lets go of Jin's hair at the same time.

"You may get up," he says to Jin. "For now." He walks and sits back in the arm chair before he directs them closer. He'll want to be comfortable.

Amazingly enough Jin doesn't dawdle, keeping pace with Yuuya – probably looking for another chance to engage in surreptitious little signs, but Kame is holding his eyes and not about to let him have his way.

At least he doesn't have to worry about Yuuya; at least one of the people he has engaged for the night is with him wholeheartedly, and dependable, stopping them now at just the right distance for a good view.

"Yuuya," Kame says easily, gaze fixed on Jin, "I'd like you to fuck him."

The darkness that flares in Jin's eyes then makes Kame put a quick hand on his own erection, press, and wait until he can breathe out without giving himself away. Though why he should be embarrassed, he doesn't know – he's paying to get aroused and if someone makes it this easy...

He leans deeper into the chair and eases his grip, turns it into a light stroke, now that he can without the risk of coming on the spot.

Jin seems to have stopped breathing.

"Yes, Kamenashi-san," Yuuya is saying, and from the corner of his vision Kame can see him moving from one foot to the other, perhaps awaiting further instructions.

"How do you want him?" Kame offers amiably.

There's a pause – presumably Yuuya is thinking it over, and Kame knows it's not an easy choice.

Jin is doing his statue impression again, staring blindly at or through Kame, and Kame picks up the whisky he left on the side table earlier and takes a tiny, pleasurable sip.

"Jin?" Yuuya's voice is husky, bare of sophistication. For a moment Kame wants to intervene, insist that Yuuya answer, but watching Jin blink, watching him swallow like there is no moisture in the world, more than makes up for the little digression.

"Hands and knees," Jin says, sounding much like Yuuya, and then he falls silent again.

Not good enough, and Jin should know that. "What?" Kame prompts. "I didn't hear you."

This time Jin just takes a breath. "I want to be on my hands and knees."

Kame exhales, makes sure he doesn't speed up the hand on himself, there are better plans for that, especially now.

"Where?" he asks, and his eyes drop just so.

"On the floor," Jin says, and Kame waits, lets Jin catch on he's making it too easy on himself. "On the floor in front of you, Kamenashi-san."

Kame nods. Waits.

"I want to get fucked on the floor. Please."

Yes, Kame thinks, that's how Jin should always voice his opinions, and then he nods again, sharper and more approving. "Yuuya, does that work for you?"

"Yes, Kamenashi-san," Yuuya says, and Jin is trying to hide away in that blankness but it's not working now, he's failing at that too.

"Good," Kame says; and it is, it is excellent, this will turn out to be very enjoyable. "Then he can suck me at the same time."

He thinks he can see Jin flinch, a tiny start before reaction stops altogether. Kame keeps watching; he shifts again in the chair to make himself more easily accessible, pulls his zipper all the way down and arranges things in a practical manner. He's already hard, and no wonder, but he can't wait to feel Jin's lips close around him...

Jin isn't moving. Kame nods, once, an unmistakable prompt, and Jin's lips close and part again and there's a light movement that goes through his body and... nothing happens.

"You don't like the idea?" Where he gets the right to be choosy, Kame doesn't know. "You think you just have to sulk for what you want?" Not that it will work; not when every sullen moment makes you want to see him on his knees more badly. "Maybe you're hoping that Yuuya and I can adapt to your needs? I'm sure Yuuya is flexible." But Kame is not, and particularly not when his paid entertainment is trying to manipulate him into it.

Particularly not when Kame can only imagine how that closed look will change between his legs, Jin taking them in, locked into a rhythm Yuuya and Kame set between them.

"No." It comes out hoarsely, urgent, but surprisingly categorical. Well, that's fine. And a step forward follows, and that's also good, Kame approves, and then Jin stops.


Yuuya again, sounding lost, uncertain, and when Kame looks up to reassure him he shouldn't take Jin's maddening behaviour to heart Yuuya is... that's not right. That... doesn't look right, Yuuya is cheerful and professional, he was with Kame on this, he likes Kame and he shouldn't look nervous, shouldn't look so worried... And when Yuuya turns his head his eyes still look lost, and it doesn't even help when he finds his smile again, quick and nervous, and steps closer quite smoothly, and what is going on?

"You know what," Kame says to Jin, "I think I've changed my mind."

A frozen, frightened stare, and Jin goes down, fast, graceless, kneels too warm between Kame's legs, and the way he opens his mouth moist and pleading curls hot around Kame's sudden discomfort, messing with his head.

He tries to shake it off, insists, "No, let's do something else," he doesn't want weirdness.

But Jin shakes his head faintly, quickly, puts unsteady hands on his thighs, says, "No, this is okay," reaching for Kame's erection, and Kame retreats as much as the seat will let him. "This is good," Jin says, "no need for change. Please."

"No," Kame snaps, because how often does he have to say it for this... weirdness to end. And Jin has flinched but isn't leaving, Kame has to push at him to get up and away, and Yuuya stands stiff where he has stopped, a hand on a flagging erection and a little frown between his eyes, a familiar look of wary concentration... and okay, maybe Kame lost it a little. And he doesn't get it, he doesn't know what happened, and he doesn't know what they are doing here any more. Whatever it is, it isn't working, it should be stopped.

"What would you like us to do, Kamenashi-san?"

Kame thinks while he hurriedly tidies himself up. Thinks rather fast, because he wants the boy to stop looking at him like that, he wants this situation to turn back into a normal, civilized transaction, into enjoyment, not some strange and imposing... thing, when it had just been an idea and it had seemed fine until Jin...

"Yuuya," he says, and calls on years of acting skills to produce a smile that's bound to look genuine, "I would like you to leave."

No change in the boy, and Kame doesn't have to act to let some of his embarrassment shine through. "This is all a bit... new territory, you see. I'm very sorry for your inconvenience. Of course I'll pay for the hour."

Yuuya bows a little, an appreciative smile, but his gaze is flickering to Jin and he's showing no sign of getting dressed.

"It's probably better if I do things... the usual way," Kame says, searching for words that will work, will get the boy out of here, make the strangeness go away. "Slow down a bit. I guess I'm not ready for exciting new ventures yet." He lets the nervous laugh out, lets Yuuya feel that he's not the only confused one here.

He turns to Jin, who is just straightening up, and nobody told him to do that, that he could get off the floor but... okay, at least he's wiped that look of horror that threw Yuuya so much off his face. Jin looks stiff when he nods at Yuuya, hardly the sort of encouragement likely to get results, and nobody told him to do that either, but for now Kame ignores it. "Maybe we should start over, just the two of us. Right, Jin?"

"Yes, Kamenashi-san," Jin says immediately.

Kame smiles at Yuuya. "So that's all fine. Please, do get dressed." He watches as the boy picks up his clothes from where they dropped them, slips into them without bothering with the bathroom, or with pretending that he's not sneaking peeks at Jin for whatever guidance Jin might provide.

"Yes, start over," Kame repeats, and Jin agrees, and if his energetic nod is meant for Yuuya, Kame is willing to let it go. "Jin and I can just take it slow," he adds, "nothing like..." He doesn't know how to finish that sentence, not without accusing Jin of ruining everything, and that's not likely to get Yuuya out of here soon. He just gestures vaguely at the room, them, and feels silly.

Yuuya has finished with his pants and seems to be taking in this information with a generally calm interest that... definitely looks better than what there was before, and that's good, and Kame just goes on, "Very slow." That's what it'll take, to get any sort of mood back. "And you didn't have anywhere else to be tonight, right, Jin?"

Jin doesn't avoid his look; doesn't move at all. "No. I don't." And that's good, too, not to have time pressure, not to have any sort of pressure after this weird... whatever, and Kame nods.

"Shall we make it a rest, then?" he says, and Yuuya will be able to hear the good intentions in his voice even if Jin's stillness seems to freeze over; Yuuya will know that it's all good, because Yuuya is reasonable and not as impossible to please as Jin.

"I would like that very much, Kamenashi-san," Jin says, and he almost sounds like he means it, almost. If you don't look at him, and Yuuya doesn't, occupied with buttons.

And then Yuuya is fully dressed, has straightened his tie and is pulling his jacket on; and still he is lingering.

Well, Kame can be positive about this. "Yuuya," he says, "could you please let the concierge know that we'll require this room for longer than initially planned? I hope it won't be a problem."

Yuuya hesitates, and it's not Kame he's looking at.

But Jin, for once, is working with Kame, motioning to the door with a quick head movement, then adding, "Please, Yuuya, leave us," for more public consumption.

And that, at last, seems to do the trick. Yuuya bows quickly – to Jin more than to Kame, but right now Kame will take anything – and backs towards the door, slowing as he gets there, but Jin says no more and Kame gives him an encouraging smile, and the door opens, and closes, and they are alone.


Chapter 15


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