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The Same Deep Water As You

by Solo & Jo

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Chapter 10


Saturday 27 September

Jin steps aside to let the lady with the stroller through the door. She smiles at him briefly before the doors close again, and Jin waits for the train to jolt into movement.

The boy two rows over is throwing him a glance, a worn study book flopping unloved and unheeded on his knees, white earphones making his stare bold, as if Jin won't notice. Jin looks innocent and resists the urge to rumple his fancy jacket into something closer to normalcy. He washed the lip-gloss off after Ohishi finished, has his tie rolled up in his pocket and his messenger bag slung over his shoulder, and he knows for a fact that their outfits are carefully chosen so they don't scream whore in bright flashing letters.

The boy's eyes drop to his polished, expensive shoes, and Jin thinks it probably means nothing, just a kid's blank boredom at being tortured in cram school.

Jin didn't know anything about fashion when he was that age, wouldn't have known a hundred thousand yen suit on a call boy despite what his father said about Jin's tastes, and the only piece of clothing he ever really admired was Naoki's leather jacket. That had always struck him as pretty manly.

He drums his fingers around the bar he's holding on to, turns towards the window, watches uniform rows of houses snap past.

The appointment went okay, even though it wasn't their usual time or day. Everything else was routine enough that he didn't have to think about things he shouldn't think about when he's with other clients, and he caught his train twenty minutes before he'd thought he would.

Still it's already five when Jin arrives at the club, late for a Saturday, and when he dumps the bag with the condoms and lube and spare underwear in his locker, the break room is emptying out. Danny greets him from where he's trying to get his curls in order, and Jun gives him a look that passes for hello on his way out the door. They can tell from his get-up that he's just come from a client and will want a little break.

Jin checks the time on his cell again. He often feels like he doesn't know much about the lives of regular people but unless things have changed, now should be good. So he doesn't hit the showers right away, just grabs a cup of coffee and his cigarettes and takes the stairs down to the little backyard where they go to smoke between the dumpsters.

Mikami is waiting out the start of his front-desk shift, a half-smoked cigarette looking tiny and fussy between his large fingers. His white shirt stretches across his broad chest when he inhales.

He nods at Jin, tapping off ash in the gap between the wall and the garbage container. "You on a break?"

Jin shivers. He should have put on something extra. "Yeah."

"Hm," Mikami says, and takes a slow drag. He pulls out his pack to offer Jin a smoke.

Jin shakes his head, leaves it for now. He thinks he'll want one after. "Just came out to make a phone call," he explains, but puts his hands in his pockets, it's not like he wants to chase the guy away.

They're silent for a moment. There's something gentle about Mikami's bulk even when Jin feels dwarfed standing next to him. Jin always gets the feeling he doesn't want to think too hard about what they're up to up in the rooms, or down in the lounge, but his monosyllabic quiet isn't unfriendly and he's the one who's got their backs most of the nights, who'd be there if anyone had to push that panic button. He's also told Jin that Tokyo Verdy don't entirely suck.

Then Mikami nods again, takes another deep drag and stubs out what's left of his cigarette. "Good luck," he says randomly, and Jin nods, just as randomly.

He gives it three more minutes, considers a cigarette anyway, considers timing, what they'll be doing when. He thumbs through the menu until his phone is set to withhold his number.

Then he dials.

"Hello," Hisato answers cheerfully, voices loud in the background, and Jin's throat dries up.

"Hi," he says. "It's Jin."

He waits. The noise continues, but he can't make out anyone, doesn't want to. This is just a thing he has to do. "Happy birthday."

"Hi," Hisato says finally.

Jin breathes in slowly. "Did you get…"

"Yeah. Thanks."

The iPhone is the first expensive thing he's bought since he started at Johnny's, after his guitar. He hopes they don't give Hisato grief over it, getting a present from him. He didn't have anything to send last year.

"I hope you like it. I asked around. I thought maybe you could use it for work." Or he can sell it if he doesn't want to use it, Jin doesn't care, it's just a phone.

"It's fancy," Hisato says, after a moment. "So you, you have a good job now?"

"Yeah," Jin says, "I'm okay." And sure, he's got a place and an income and he'll never know if it would even matter to them how he makes his money or if it's all the same level of disgusting.

"How are things with you?" he asks. "How's work?"

"It's work," Hisato says. Jin hears the sulk; sees it, clearly, that way of looking at an unwelcome task that they both inherited from their father. Only Taro-chan isn't like that; nobody knows where he got the cheerfulness from.

"Noda-san wants to take me on full time," Hisato says eventually. "When the apprenticeship is over."

Hisato is training to become a plumber; a good, reliable job, and Jin was glad for him when he heard, last year, before that phone call turned to yelling and familiar accusations.

"That's great," he says.

"You still…" Hisato lowers his voice; still the shitty old cord phone, Jin thinks, sitting right under everyone's nose in the living room, and for some reason thinking of the ugly brown table and the cheesy piece of tablecloth makes his chest go tight. "You still with that guy?"

He doesn't want to argue, he just called for his brother's birthday. And maybe he should give Hisato points for even asking, the first time after more than two years, but he could at least… "Naoki," he says. He doesn't think Hisato has really forgotten. That anyone has forgotten. "No."

"But you're still…"

"I'm still that, yeah," Jin says, and he's all sorts of other things too that would make Hisato sick to know, but he's done apologizing for that.

"Right," Hisato says, and he sounds cold now. "Good to know."

Jin notices that the noise level has dropped. He can picture his parents' disapproving faces as they figure out who their better, proper son is talking to. "Can you tell Taro-chan I said hi?" he asks before Hisato ends the call, and when there's silence he doesn't say please because it won't matter and if nothing else, he can try not to be pathetic.

"Yeah, will do," Hisato says, and after a moment, "He's on the soccer team now. Midfielder. Not half bad. Has a girlfriend, too."

The team sucks, or did when Jin was in high school. The field sucks, too, muddy when it rains, with glass shards and other trash rotting under the bleachers. Not that Jin cared; not that Taro will, and he was fast and clever when they kicked a ball around in the street.

"That's cool," he mumbles. "Good for him."

"I'll tell dad you're okay," Hisato says at the end, very quietly, and Jin doesn't know what hurts worse, that his dad even cares, or that his mom doesn't.


"Bye then."


Jin deletes the number from the list of calls because he doesn't want the possibility of anyone tracing anything, does it right away because it will be harder later. Then he fumbles out a cigarette and lights it, mostly calm, and doesn't care about the suit when he leans against the front of the dumpster because he's got a spare to put on for the lounge.

He thinks for a moment that Taro will turn thirteen in January, and tries to remember what shoe size he had at that age, and then he stops because he can't afford to get sentimental when he has to go to work, smile at people in the lounge and keep an eye out for the right kind of client and the wrong kind of client.

He takes a deep drag and closes his eyes, gives himself another moment.


Showered, changed and styled, he takes the elevator down, and then he stops in the cover of the folding screen and waits for the sudden shot of adrenaline to fade.

It's going on six, there's a decent crowd already and he isn't likely to even be noticed before he's had a chance to see for himself. Unless somebody's waiting for him he'll be fine; and nobody is waiting for him except possibly Yamatani, who will be wondering what's taking Jin so long, so he pulls up his shoulders and steals in.

He finds Yamatani immediately, sitting where he always does, cultivated and reassuringly familiar even at the distance. He's in the company of another guest; that history professor, Jin recalls. A friendly guy who talks almost as much as Nakamaru but is his complete opposite in fashion, with his bright flashy clothes. Also takes some convincing to move upstairs, or so Jin's been told by colleagues who are more his type than Jin is.

He scans the room while he walks, and it's not like he expects Kamenashi to show up so shortly after the last time, but you never know, it's better to be sure.

Yamatani sees him and smiles. "Jin, here you are! Have you met Koyama-sensei?"

Jin bows, first to Yamatani and then to Koyama, who is nodding pleasantly.

"We had a brief chat once," Koyama says. "Hi, Jin, I hope you're well."

"We're just talking about the eighteenth dynasty in Egypt," Yamatani says, briefly tapping a shiny art postcard on the table. "Koyama-sensei wants to convince me that Echnaton became a monotheistic monk and let the land go to ruin." The wrinkles around Yamatani's eyes deepen when he smiles. Jin tries to remember if he's ever heard of Echnaton before. The stone bust on the picture reminds him a little of the environment minister. "You're very welcome to join us," Yamatani says, "but if you don't want to get all dusty with us old men, we can save you a seat." Koyama, probably at least ten years younger than Yamatani, laughs. "I should be here a while," Yamatani adds, and that's him all over, considerate enough he doesn't want Jin bored.

Jin nods, smiles back. "So I'll see you later?" he asks, and it still doesn't come easy, asking the other question just by tone, but he manages, because he'd rather not leave that open.

"Certainly," Yamatani says, and winks easily. "If you're free."

Jin gives him another smile, looks sure. "I'm not anymore, now," he says, and feels himself blush a little but that's okay, with Yamatani.

He feels better with this sorted. He wouldn't even mind sitting there listening to them talk about their Nakamaru-look-alike but he doesn't want to appear awkward. He should scout what else is going around tonight, anyway; he'll be here a while even after Yamatani, and things have been slow the last few days.

He drifts around. Starts once when there's a lone newcomer, short and bundled up like a famous star, and then it's some tiny businessman who doesn't like the cold, and Jin feels like a fool. It was just getting easier, he was just starting to feel less awkward and clumsy, doing better at talking to clients. Fucking Kamenashi.

And it's always been easier with a drink in hand, so he gets himself a glass of water, stops with his back to the bar. He recognizes a few faces. Tsukada is in and busy entertaining Jun and Satoshi, and Jin looks away when Satoshi gets his cheeks pinched. A seating group over is a grey-haired banker Jin's had twice for relaxation, and he might be interested again if he stays long enough, but Danny seems to be making good progress with him and it's best not to interfere.

Kimura-senpai is having dinner with a thin, austere-looking old guy who keeps making serious faces at what Jin expects is well-informed commentary on the last election or Chinese Opera or something, and Jin is glad just from looking that his regulars aren't like that. Close by, there are three guests eating together, no escorts, and Jin doesn't recognize them as anyone's regulars; they might be a possibility for later.


Just off to his side, Jin didn't see the guy coming and he's instantly sweating, and fuck.

Late forties, early fifties, receding hair and a little pouch. Jin's never seen him before. His conservative suit looks like its owner doesn't always bother with coat hangers. He has a wide, noisy-looking smile. Jin doesn't know him and he has no reason to be nervous, only the guy is standing a little too close, and friendly smiles only mean so much.

"I'm not sure how this works," the man says, and Jin doesn't quite know what to make of the vaguely sweaty confusion and he doesn't like that. But he does know how it works, allegedly, and he's seeing Yamatani in a short while, anyway.

"Good evening," he says with a bow. "I'm Jin."

"Oh!" The guy bounces once on his heels. "My apologies. My name is Yokoyama."

"Have you been with us long?" Jin asks politely.

"No, I was just introduced two weeks ago. Now my friend has gone, uh, off, with a colleague of yours and the young man I was talking to, well, I think I scared him off, maybe."

That… right. Jin wonders who it was, and reminds himself that not everyone who's pushy is necessarily an asshole.

"And then I saw you standing there…" Yokoyama grins a quirky little grin.

"I already have an engagement," Jin says just to be clear, and because he doesn't want the guy to waste social skills that don't come easy on a come-on that won't go anywhere.

Yokoyama's smile just turns fuller. "That's not a problem!"

Jin blinks.

"We could just have a drink together and talk a bit," Yokoyama says. "Practice, like."

Practice. The guy wants Jin for conversational warm-up. That's a new one. But a drink's a drink, and it's good policy to get to know the new guys.

They stay at the bar because Yokoyama doesn't invite him anywhere else and because that suits Jin fine, it's just an interlude before Yamatani.

But once Jin gets with the program, he realizes Yokoyama is quite nice. A little nutty, maybe, but when you're making your money playing the stock market, you probably need a good dose of that, and at least he wears his crazy on the outside for everyone to see, not like some people who play nice and polite until the door closes and you're alone with them. They both drink beer, and Jin doesn't see much practicing going on, just some relaxed conversation with a guy who's not fazed when Jin can't hold his own on dividends and equities and composite real price indexes, just hops on to the next topic, and Jin stops minding Yokoyama's problems with personal space, because it's like the guy himself doesn't even notice.

"So, if you didn't have an engagement already," Yokoyama says once they're getting to the bottoms of their beers, and for the first time there's a hint of flirtation, a moment of deliberation in his long gaze.

Jin lets him look, leans into the bar while he plays with his beer. "If I didn't have an engagement," he says, and tries a smile, a slow one he sees hit home with Yokoyama, and that's okay, "you could invite me to one of the tables," and he doesn't pause much, ignores the flush, "or you could just ask me upstairs."

"And you'd go?"

Jin laughs. He doesn't mean to, wouldn't laugh at a client deliberately, but Yokoyama seems so surprised he can't help it.

"Yes, I would," he says, still a little warm in the face.

Yokoyama looks pleased, somehow, and tries to be subtle about the way he's checking Jin out again, but Jin doesn't mind that, it's not sleazy or creepy.

"Maybe some other time," Yokoyama says, lightly but nicely, and Jin nods.

"That would be fine," he says, and nothing more because they're not making a commitment here, and then Yokoyama is off to scout the more available escorts, but, Jin thinks, it probably would be fine.

He starts moving again, drifts towards the black seating groups in front of the big screen. The one in the far corner is fully occupied, and there he sees Yuuya along with Shota and Takahisa, gathered around two older clients and managing to distract them from whatever is on. Jin has a quick look; Albi are playing JEF and he doesn't sit down, doesn't even throw more than a passing glance at the score because he's been here for over two months and he's not quite that stupid anymore.

He's considering taking his chances with the stone Nakamaru when Yuuya sees him, and brightens up. Jin raises his hand for a quick hello, because they missed each other in the break room, but Yuuya is already disentangling himself, throwing Jin another glance that makes Jin stay where he is.

Jin hopes nothing is wrong, but Yuuya looks cheerful enough coming towards him.

"Hey, Yuuya," Jin says. "Everything okay?"

"Sure!" Yuuya says. "Everything's fine. Are you busy, Jin-senpai?"

"You really don't have to call me that," Jin says for like the third time, but then adds, "No, not busy, I just got here. What's up?"

"I need your advice," Yuuya admits. "And I didn't catch you earlier."

"I got in late," Jin says, thinking of the phone call and his brother, and Yuuya coming to him for advice, and there's something there that makes Jin put aside his unease and make himself stop checking the door every thirty seconds. "Do you want to sit down?" he asks.

They take one of the empty black sofas. Yuuya pulls one leg up unselfconsciously, turns toward Jin, and Jin tries to look like someone qualified to give advice.

"What's up?" he asks again.

"I had my first performance review with Ootomo-san today," he says.

Jin does not wince or sigh. "Did it go okay?" he asks carefully.

Yuuya nods brightly. "Oh, yes! He said I'm doing really well." Not that that's surprising. Anyone who's watched Yuuya around here would know that.

Jin thinks. 'Congratulations' sounds a bit wrong. "That's good," he says, feeling lame.

"Yes." Yuuya is chewing on his lip, staring into space. "But he asked me, now that I'm a bit more used to things around here and have some more experience, if I would consider doing further services."

Jin winces after all, but he hopes it was… yeah, Yuuya doesn't seem to have noticed.

And it isn't unexpected. Yuuya is getting so popular with clients, there'll be no end to the money he can make if he goes into kink. Jin nods slowly, tries not to show just what he thinks of Ootomo's suggestion. "I see."

"He thinks it would be good for me to add that to my portfolio," Yuuya says.

Yeah, Jin can just about hear that.

Yuu-chan shows a hesitant little frown. "Do you do any sort of—"

"No." Jin shakes his head fast, then regrets it when he sees Yuu-chan's face.

"I mean, no, I, it's not my thing," he tries again, cooler this time, watching for Yuuya's surprise to fade. He doesn't need anything worse on top of the ordinary. "But hey…"

And then he thinks, fuck, he should do better than that, because he can see questions in Yuuya's eyes that he's not asking now, and Yuuya wanted advice, not have sob stories dumped on him. "I mean, you can choose," he says, recalling what Ootomo told him when he was upstairs to talk about his 'portfolio'. "Doing one thing extra doesn't mean you have to do everything." He just wants him to be careful, not to feel judged.

Yuuya nods slowly, as if Jin hit on the right question. Good. "Yes, because… I was thinking… there's some stuff that I wouldn't mind so much, you know?"

Jin nods and says nothing, lets Yuuya finish his thoughts.

"I really don't want to work in a dungeon, but…" He hesitates.

Jin nods for him to continue, regardless of how weird he feels, and Yuuya seems to take heart.

"For example, some fancy bondage that doesn't include, you know, whips and things…" And he waits again, and Jin still doesn't let it show even if he feels sick and cold at the thought of anybody tying him to anything and it's not a better kind of helplessness if it's done with silk or leather or anything fancy, because anytime some bastards might decide it's not enough to have him helpless and feel like adding to their fun, anytime. It's bad enough that Ootomo's got a generous idea of what constitutes normal.

He still says nothing because it's still his issues and this isn't that, this is the club and Yuu-chan can do… can let them do… whatever he likes to get paid for, and there'll be permission and negotiation and nothing will happen that Yuu-chan doesn't want.

"Or, like, if it gets a client off if I'm wearing a skirt, I wouldn't care," Yuu-chan is saying, and Jin blinks back to the present. And this is a mild one, even Jin will admit that, and then he gets an image in his head and suddenly they're both smiling.

"You can think about it," Jin says. "I think you're doing really well here, too. I mean, Ootomo is happy with you and the clients are happy with you; I don't think you should feel like you have to, if you're not comfortable." It all sounds weird coming out of his mouth but Yuuya isn't laughing, or looking embarrassed, so maybe he's doing okay.

"Yeah," Yuuya nods. "I'll think about it."

"And if you want to talk about any more details before you speak to Ootomo, that's cool, really."

"Thank you," Yuuya smiles.

He doesn't sound hesitant at all now, and Jin feels glad for that.

Yuuya ducks his head a little. "Can I ask you something else?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Shota-kun mentioned that there's something about Ootomo and a rotation?"

Oh, that. Maybe Jin should have explained about that from the get-go. He hopes Yuu-chan didn't get blindsided. "Yeah," he says. "Perks, you know. It just keeps him sweet, and makes our lives easier."

Yuuya nods slowly, mostly unfazed. "So he calls us in for a freebie now and then?" The way he says it lets Jin suspect Yuuya isn't keen on the idea of freebies in general.

"Sometimes," he hedges. It's a bit hard to explain. They don't have a roster, as such, though Jin thinks if Junno wasn't out of Ootomo's league they might well get one. "But mostly it just shakes out that, you know, guy gets to have some fun once or twice a week and nobody has to do all of it."

Yuuya nods again. "So everybody contributes?" he asks, looking ready, if not enthusiastic, to jump in and do his part.

"No, just some of us." It's pretty obvious that Ootomo doesn't have the likes of Tatsuya on tap, for one thing, and for another, it's not like it's official and everyone has to; people who don't have a season pass to management's dog house can probably turn him down fairly easily. "Nobody's going to be mad if you don't want in on it, honestly."

Yuuya bites his lip. "You sure?"

"I'm really sure," Jin stresses.

"Because I'm not sure I want to do that," Yuuya admits, and there's something almost steely underneath his softness that surprises Jin. In a good way.

"Good," he says. "Really, it's not part of the job or anything. It's just this thing. Totally voluntary." After all, what's one more blow job? And it would be similar for Yuuya, but Jin still feels he shouldn't feel obliged or pressured. Feels that really strongly.

"Thank you for your help," Yuuya says sincerely.

"You're welcome," Jin says, and it feels good, like having a younger brother who actually likes him and doesn't consider him a waste of oxygen. "Any time."

There's a pause as they both get ready, into the right frame of mind to go back to work. "Do you want to come sit with us?" Yuuya asks shyly. "I saw you wandering around. But there's lots of new people that came, I kept you busy a while." He smiles with a touch of an apology that Jin waves aside.

"Really, it's okay," he says. "And I'm with Yamatani now, I think they might be done with the mummies."

"Mummies?" Yuuya says with wide eyes.

"Some ancient stuff," Jin concedes, throwing a look in their general direction. Someone else has joined them, someone dark-haired, could be Jun. Yamatani looks up after a moment and meets his eyes with a friendly invitation. It's time to go.


Yamatani usually takes the first shower. Jin showers, too, because they prefer to forget that he's had a client already and showered little more than an hour ago. Besides it's nice like this, both of them warm and relaxed, wrapped up in the club's thick white bathrobes.

When he sits down on the couch, Yamatani has brought out a small plastic box wrapped up with wide pink ribbons and decorated with pink bows. "Some Nozawana pickles," Yamatani says. "I saw them on my way to the station, I thought you might like them." He nudges the box in Jin's direction. "Sorry about the ribbons, the shop lady simply would not let me leave without wrapping it up properly."

Jin grins as he bends forward, the movement pressing his leg against Yamatani's. Yamatani doesn't do this every time, always makes it seem spontaneous, and Jin thinks it's really nice, never embarrassing, never showy. He doesn't get much by way of presents but he's fine with that, it was bad enough when Eda showed up with that fucking scarf. He knows Tatsuya gets designer fragrances and gold watches from some of his regulars, and then he wonders if Kamenashi is the gift giving type when he's trying to be charming.

Damn. Stop, rewind. Because, hello, different. This is nice, he's not here with some psycho creep.

It unwraps easily, and he offers the box right back to Yamatani, who gives in and takes a small piece.

Jin leans back with the pickle in his hand and takes a bite, guarding his bathrobe against drops with a cupped hand. It tastes very good, and then he laughs a bit when Yamatani just catches a leafy bit dropping off his, and stares at it sternly.

"It's fighting back?"

"It's not very impressed by my efforts," Yamatani says with a shake of his head before sticking the rest of the turnip slice in his mouth. Then he settles back into the couch, declining when Jin pushes the box towards him again. "After you liked the Nara ones, I thought this might appeal," he says.

"It's very nice," Jin says, and takes a second one. "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"You went to Nozawa?"

"My son and daughter-in-law treated me to two days at the onsen. Well, we had some business to discuss, and she likes to ski."

"Skiing? In September?"

"Apparently," Yamatani says with a wink, "you can slide around on plastic mats if you don't want to get too rusty between seasons. I stayed in the baths, myself. It was very relaxing."

"Do you ski in winter?" Jin asks him, and doesn't have much trouble picturing it even though Yamatani is old, because he's so wiry and alert that it wouldn't be much of a stretch. But Yamatani just laughs, and, okay, there's the knees.

"I tried it once when I was younger, broke my ankle, and have stuck to bracing, age-appropriate winter walks since then."

Jin grins at him, and Yamatani's old face wrinkles up some more.

He doesn't ask Jin if he likes skiing. Jin appreciates that about him; that he's smart enough and considerate enough not to expect someone like Jin's ever had skiing lessons, with what Jin has told him about his parents.

"Do you like any sort of sports?" Yamatani asks after a moment, easing down a bit into the couch with his body turned towards Jin.

"Not really," Jin says, and feels bad about it. But he's learned. "I mean, I work out here, we have a pretty good gym."

"Ah, yes," Yamatani says, and it's not a leer by a long shot but there's something quiet and appreciative about his fleeting sidelong glance.

Jin doesn't blush but he feels the attention, warm and okay. Yamatani likes him, and Jin doesn't mind that Yamatani likes looking at him, likes touching him and still thinks he's worth some consideration. Doesn't treat him like… like the people who just go and take what they want.

"Is everything all right, Jin?"

Yamatani's voice has dropped into concern. Jin shakes himself out of it, whatever it was, because the point is that this is Yamatani, and they're here at the club, where it's safe.

"Of course," Jin says, sliding a hand over, running fingers along the gap of the bathrobe, just barely touching skin before he settles his hand on Yamatani's leg.

Yamatani smiles, and asks him how he'd like to go to an onsen one day.

They talk some more, about Nozawa and hot springs and being naked outside, something Jin finds unappealing whether there's hot springs around or not; about the bad service Yamatani experienced on a previous trip, and that Jin thinks he'd make a crap waiter, and, at some point, about the bubbly bathtubs they have at the club, and somehow the image of the two of them taking a bath together amuses them both. But why not, Jin wonders. It could just be… comfortable.

Yamatani plays with Jin's fingers; he likes Jin's hands, which is a bit weird but never gets awkward or fake-romantic or anything, and there's a point Jin knows by now, a tilt of Yamatani's head and Jin shifts closer, tugs at where Yamatani's bathrobe opens.

He falls silent after that, fingers slipping underneath the soft cotton, and lower, taking his time. He uses his mouth, too, because Yamatani likes that, nothing lewd or overly wet but he sighs when Jin kisses his chest, strokes Jin's hair absent-mindedly and there's a shift to his hips, bony and skinny, pressing up against the touch of Jin's leg.

The knot is fiddlier than usual. "Sorry for the trouble," Yamatani says, and Jin bites his lip to keep from grinning, only he doesn't quite manage. He has to shift his weight to have both hands, and Yamatani watches, indulgent and amused, and he could even say something back, only he doesn't have to, either. Then he settles back, runs his hand lightly over the wrinkled folds of Yamatani's stomach, and wraps it around a beginning erection.

It will take a while. They don't rush each other. Once Yamatani moves his hand, he holds still for a moment for Yamatani to unfasten his bathrobe. He gets hard quickly; he didn't come earlier and it's easy with Yamatani, they know each other by now.

He lets his hand fall away when he gets closer; leans his head back, lets Yamatani see he's enjoying it, Yamatani likes to see and with him Jin doesn't mind. Yamatani doesn't slow down much, only draws it out a little before it's fast enough again, good enough for Jin to go with it and he doesn't hold his breath when he comes, never feels he has to, and Yamatani's gaze feels warm and kind while he gives Jin time to come down, gives him a nice little while to pull it back together.

Still touching him, lightly and fondly, and once Jin opens his eyes he sees the desire in Yamatani's, and smiles. He takes one more moment to sort himself out, before he slides down between Yamatani's skinny legs and takes him in his mouth. This is familiar, too, and Yamatani's fingers are light and fleeting on his forehead, careful in his hair.

"Ready?" he asks when he thinks they are, looking up into Yamatani's uneven breathing, and there's a nod, as usual, and a warm touch when Jin stands and pulls him up.

They do it over the back of the couch, because that's easiest on Yamatani's knees. It's not a position Jin likes much, wouldn't like at all with another client, but Yamatani didn't even bring it up, Jin had to ask around how it worked with Yamatani and comforts, and so this is what works for them, Yamatani's touch low on his back and then his hands on his hips, and always that pause, brief enough to not be awkward and Jin always breathes his okay into his easy slump along the leather, warming up fast under his skin.

After, when he lets go of the upholstery and straightens up, Yamatani still keeps his hands on him, pats him lightly before he goes to the bathroom. Jin gets them drinks, then gives the back of the couch a quick wipe where he's left sweaty handprints.

When Yamatani joins him on the couch again, they're not really touching, but now and then Yamatani reaches over and strokes his leg.

"Thank you, Jin," he says calmly.

Jin likes that he looks pleased. He says he's welcome, and sips at his beer. He throws a glance at the digital numbers on the DVD player; Yamatani has about an hour of his time left. Sometimes they cut that short; Yamatani likes to get home after fucking and doesn't like to keep Jin. Sometimes they chat a bit longer. Jin never feels in a great hurry to begin with.

He hands Yamatani his drink, smiles. He's fine staying the rest of the time, not eager for the lounge.


Chapter 11


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