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An Alternate Universe Akame story by Solo and Jo


Summary: Kame's got his reasons for seeing prostitutes. Jin's got his reasons for being one. Life is pretty screwed up.

This story is fiction. It is ALTERNATE UNIVERSE fiction. We don't believe that the guys are really doing this. (Or they should see a shrink.)

This story is sexually explicit. By clicking the link to a chapter, you confirm that you are of legal age to read it.

For the other gazillion words of disclaimers, acknowledgements and explanations that go with this dubious endeavour, please consult our epic notes page - or just start reading.


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Request fic:

Drive Me Home. 3,200 words, teen. 6 weeks post epilogue.
. | Jin gets in touch with his family.

Deep as the Water Goes. 10,500 words, explicit. 10-11 months post epilogue.
. | They have some ghosts to banish.

Melting Point. 8,000 words, teen. 18 months post epilogue.
. | Jin and Kame are invited to a weekend getaway.

A Foreign Country. 11,200 words, mature. 3 years, 2 months post epilogue.
. | Some roads are longer than others.

Full Of Grace. 5,000 words, teen. 4 years, 10 months past epilogue.
. | Some things you don't see coming.

Six Years, Four Weeks, No Closet. 10,200 words, explicit. 5 years 9 months post epilogue.
. | Things do not go smoothly.