The Same Deep Water As You - Art Gallery

This wasn't really planned. But kind people have started making us banners, and they are too nice to just use once and then tuck away in a folder, so here we are!

Clicking on a picture usually takes you through to the full-size version of it.


Deep Water banner

This was our first banner and is still our main one, made for us by AKK who is really great with graphics and can do things we didn't even know existed.


Then we decided we wanted one with more of the cast on it, and Jo, who is the one with graphics talent in this collaboration, came up with:

Jo's banner wth more cast


Saya's banners

More recently, the lovely Saya made us a few banners as a prezzie. Notable developments: Jin got some clothes at last!! :)

First a bathrobe...
(Remember, click for full size)

Saya's bathrobe banner (version 1)   


And then, omg...

Saya's suit banner (version 1)      

Isn't it pretty!


Fragile Melodia's surprise

This beautiful banner by Fragile Melodia came completely out of the blue one morning, and made us bounce all day. :-) 

Deep Water Banner by Fragile Melodia


Jo's second banner

With the plot getting less angsty and Kame having amazing photoshoots, Jo put this together one day.

Second Deep Water Banner by Jo


AKK's second thing of amazing amazing...ness

We requested this one from AKK specially, because we wanted one with the most important people in it. It turned out to be pretty complicated to get it to look right and not crowded, but we think the result is... well, amazing.

AKK's second banner


Lulu's cute chibi illustration(s)

Lulu made us this to go with the end of chapter 40. Aren't they lovely? :) And if you've read Chapter 40, you'll know exactly which moment this is.

Chapter 40 Chibis   Lulu chapter 40

And this is a scene in chapter 48.

Lulu's chapter 48 chibis coloured

He stops because Jin has started shaking him, nicely but insistently. "Yes, stupid, I said yes."

Lulu also made us the cutest illustration for Chapter 24... if you have already read Chapter 24, you may go WTF, CUTE? Yes, trust us. If you haven't read Chapter 24 yet, you'll want to avoid clicking because you will totally spoil yourself and you will regret it, oh yesss preciousss...

Spoilery illustration for Chapter 24


Fragile Melodia strikes again!

This time we got not one from Fragile Melodia, but two!!

The first one was inspired by earlier chapters and we think it expresses the tone of them extremely well.

Deep Water Banner by Fragile Melodia

And the second one fits a bit better with the later parts of the story, and the guys are hot and gorgeous.

Fragile Melodia's third banner


Shaorym's lovely banners

We had never heard from Shaorym before and then all of a sudden she sent us these beautiful images.

Shaorym 1st banner (click for full size)

Almost a bit like 'before' and 'after'... :)

Shaorym 2nd (click for full size)


Brezo1816's banner

Brezo contacted us suddenly to ask if it was okay if she posted a banner for this story on the Akame_ community on Livejournal. What a question!!

brezo1816's banner

We find it very impressive!

We're really grateful to everybody who has made us art! We can't do it ourselves as well as we would like to, so this is a wonderful gift.


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