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Welcome! This is the home for the fannish works of Solo & Jo, who currently write lots of things with lots of words in KAT-TUN fandom and post as the collaborative creature 'Haikuesque'.

Who, me? No, you. Her. That other one. -- the people

Jo used to write in Highlander and write & vid in BSG (2003), where her word counts got longer and longer too but never managed to reach epic scale. She left the apocalypse for sparkles and pop music and is now exploring her epic potential exclusively in JE fandom.

Solo discovered her talent for high word counts along with her skills for hardcore OTP-ing in Starsky & Hutch fandom, and much later went on to write epic WIPs in Tokyo Babylon/X1999. Having fallen into JE fandom, she was introduced to lower word counts and stories which could be finished in less than half a decade, which is why there is stuff here.

We came to KAT-TUN fandom in early 2008 (though don't let that fool you into thinking we are beyond retroactive L.A. angst), and it was all a bit of a blur. Jo remembers an incident with otters. Solo remembers clowns.

We're both big Akame fans, and in general you can assume our stories to reflect that bias. Other JE characters may appear and get paired up with other JE characters, but we're both pretty die-hard OTPers in terms of what we like to read and write.

We are currently working on a very long AU story that we hope to finish sometime before we reach retirement age. The stories you can find here so far were about us needing a break and a taste of something different.

These stories are all slash written about real people. They are usually sexually explicit and some of them may be darker than others. In general, we like fluffy angst, angsty porn, and occasionally porny fluff, and sometimes variations such as angsty angst or porny porn.

We warn for consent issues and child abuse; since we don't like spoilers, we put our warnings/reassurances behind an extra link from the index page.

We are here, where are you? -- the links

Our fiction is available here, at our LJ fic community haikusociety, and at our haikuesque account @ AO3.

If you want to get in touch or want to know what else keeps us entertained, how the whore epic of doom is coming along and what we think of Jin's latest hairstyle, you can find us at our individual journals.

Solo is here at Dreamwidth and Livejournal
Jo is here at Dreamwidth and Livejournal

Haikuesque as a posting identity lives here, but it is the sleepy boring kind of Frankenstein creature that only exists to post fic. (I.e. no point friending, rilly.)

Our feedback links go to LJ and to the AO3 version of the story, since anybody can comment there without needing a user account. We love all sorts of feedback -- long and short, FIRST!s or weeks after, journal/archive comments or e-mail.

Contact info

You can contact us about the site at haikuesque at gmail dot com. If you find any broken links or anything else that's sucky about the website, please let us know, and we'll pretend to team-tackle it while Solo fixes it.